Make Your Own Vitamin D Supplements for Pennies

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Vitamin D has incredible health benefits. Try making your own vitamin D supplements at home!


0:00 Introduction: Make your own vitamin D supplements
2:12 Other nutrients in mushrooms 
2:30 How to make vitamin D supplements
7:15 Check out my video on the benefits of vitamin D

Today, I will show you how to make your own vitamin D supplements using mushrooms. 

Mushrooms have insignificant amounts of vitamin D unless they are exposed to ultraviolet B light. 

There is some interesting research on how exposing mushrooms to ultraviolet B light can boost their vitamin D levels. It may be possible to boost the vitamin B in mushrooms from 5,000 IU to 46,000 IU or more.

It’s good to consume your mushrooms with some type of fat, like butter, to help increase vitamin D absorption. 

Other nutrients in mushrooms:
• B vitamins
• Selenium 
• Zinc 
• Copper 
• Vitamin C 
• Potassium 

Mushrooms I recommend:
• Shitake 
• Maitake 
• Oyster 
• Button

How to make your own vitamin D supplements:
1. Obtain organic mushrooms 

2. Use the sun in the summer or use a UV light year-round. Take the stems off of the mushrooms and place them on a tray with the gills facing upward (slice button mushrooms lengthwise). Put them in the sun or under UV light from 10 am-6 pm. After 6 pm, take them inside and cover the tray.

3. The next day, re-expose the mushrooms to the sun or UV light (keep them in a low-moisture environment). If the mushrooms are still not dried out, put them in a food dehydrator. 

4. Store the mushrooms in a sealed glass jar with a small amount of dry rice (to absorb any moisture) and seal the lid. They will last up to one year. 

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Thanks for watching! I hope this inspires you to use mushrooms to make your own vitamin D supplements. Give it a try.


  1. Any chance we would get vitamin d-3 if we put some wool out in the sun and then extracted it with alcohol?

  2. Amazing! How do you take the vitamins when they are in the dried mushroom form ? Do I blend it up and put them in my own pills? How many pills do I take? Lots of questions Dr. Berg but this is great information. Thank you!

  3. Question; I live in Canada & its still cold outside. I have a UV lamp. How long do I use it on the mushrooms? Thank you Dr. Berg.

  4. Thank you much. I eat quite too little portion of protein from fish and shrimp. I love mushroom and its benefits but never know it has such important nutrient. You've suggested so easy and yummy way to get quality vitamin D. I'll surely prepare it this weekend!🙏😊

  5. What type of light, where do I buy it? I always leave fresh produce in the sun- with this idea, never knew it was true. 
    Can you set them indoors in a window?

  6. Can u make a powder to consume in juice or to get it on soup or stuff like that once they are dry ?

  7. To grow your own would probably be the cheapest. Not all of us can keep finding them in the wild or even find some in the wild.

  8. where i live there are a lot of vervet monkeys so i would have to sit and watch my mushrooms all day

  9. Yeah, dried mushrooms have so much more flavour.I make a leak potato soup with dried mushrooms..soo good

  10. Would a 8,000K grow light give off enough UV light??
    You learn something every day! Thank you Doc.

  11. I didn't know the dead organisms had any physiological processes going on in them. How could that be? Or are mushrooms that have been cut not dead?

  12. I suffer from bearable Peripheral Neurological and in looking for a natural way of relieving pain and discomfort, eating a wide variety of Mushrooms was recommended….in particular Shitake.
    I purchased a packet of dried Shitake Mushrooms and prepared soup.
    One cup was enough to 'spin my head' for a few hours so I then tried using fresh Shitake and suffered no such side effect.

  13. For those picking mushrooms in the forest … careful, not all mushrooms are safe to eat. Hopefully you know which ones to pick or know someone who can tell you with 100% certainty which ones are safe to eat.
    Awesome info Dr. Berg, thank you for sharing.

  14. I went to look up how to make Vit D and you came up. Thanks for being such a great source of health information.

  15. Vitamins D2 and D3 are both metabolized in the liver to calcifediol. The passage to the kidney then leads to the release of calcitriol, the active and usable form of vitamin D. However, research has shown that vitamin D3 has been shown to increase the level of calcitriol in the body to a greater extent. In addition, vitamin D2 is less stable than D3: it is more sensitive to heat and moisture.

  16. I just bought mushroom and now i am put it under the UV light yeah 10 am to 6 pm😮= 8 hour in Jakarta, dont know what it taste

  17. Thanks so much doc, will that be the same for any other fruit or vegetable we slice and sundried?

  18. When you seal it do you mean just putting a lid on it or do you have to heat seal the way you do canning? Do you store it on a shelf or in the refrigerator?

  19. BEST , WAY , TO GET , ( VITAMINS E . OR C ) , IS , ( ONE HOUR ) , IN ( THE SUN ☀️ ) 💪. ( GOD ) , ( GIFT 💝 TO , EARTH & , 👍ALL , HIS , ( 🙏🏾CREATURES 🙏🏾) 🙊🙈🙉🤣😂🤣.!!!!! ……

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