Living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks that Feel like Dying

Sydney describes herself as a happy person. She is also diagnosed with general anxiety and sometimes has panic attacks so intense that she believes she is dying. Sydney wants others to know that a person who is smiling can still have a mental health disorder.

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  1. Even as someone with anxiety, generalized and OCD, I doubt myself if it is as "serious" as I think it is… there is so much self doubt, questioning, and shame that comes with it. It really makes you feel crazy. It's so different for every person and its hard. But it is real and I'm thankful for this video and her bravery

  2. The worst is the super cold weather that triggers the seizing up. Definitely relate re sore muscles after

  3. I have had what she has for a long time and i will say that PLANTS and gardening in general is extremely helpful.

  4. Well, The instant cure for anxiety is to understand the fact that there are infinite amount of possible outcomes in this universe and our brain only thinks of a handful . A bad outcome can become the means of a good outcome in the future. Just like that a good outcome can become the means of a bad outcome. For example, you lost your job (bad thing). But then you got a new job which is better ( bad thing led to a good outcome.) It's an endless cycle. So just go with the flow and don't think about it . 😄 Goodluck.

  5. She might be the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen in my life. If life was a simulation and I could choose my wife….

  6. ❤️ I live with anxiety, I get panic attacks, medication, yet the social stigma continues. I get depressed too, but my escape is via music, whereby I play my guitar. I miss my wife as she passed away 4 Oct 2016 to cancer. Lonely? Yep ❤️ life goes on, and sbsk is amazing and thought provoking ❤️

  7. She explained everything I'm recently going through. Had a heart monitor because I thought it was my heart but it's actually massive panick attacks. Then went away the minute I went to a dry camp for work and was eating fresh food and working out. No sugar.

  8. Please tell us the name of the medication your taking because I want to talk to my dr and see if it would help me.

  9. It’s hard to talk about when no one believes you or wants to hear about it, I have anxiety and BPD and my worst issue that consumes me is my anger and that is completely debilitating.

  10. Panic attack humans – I can't make any promises… But for me, when the doom begins setting in, I turn on the shower. I sit down in it, and I tilt my head and let the water flow into my ears. It creates this encompassing white noise sound that is SO soothing. Just focus on the noise. Nothing but the feeling of the water hitting your skin and the sound of the water. I've averted many attacks with this and I hope you see this, try it, and it helps you. <3

  11. I'm in awe of Sydney, she is remarkably strong and in my opinion her capacity for resilience has much to do with her using her intelligence to maximum advantage, I wish she knew how smart she is perceived.

  12. I had panic attacks for a couple years amd it was completely awful. You feel like you aren't in control of your brain anymore. She gave the best advice possible though. You have to face the attacks head on and work through them

  13. Maybe this can help someone, it works for me. I just give up and think “ok, I’m dying, so what? Dying now isn’t so bad, at least it’ll be fast and not painful” and then my mind goes off the circle.

  14. Perhaps buddhist philosophy could help her in some way with her anxiety, since it teaches a lot about fear and death, and not becoming attached to it.
    Actually clinical studies with people with anxiety, who have practised buddhist mindfulness, have shown that they can better cope with their fears and become more calm in general. It has helped myself not being controlled so much by my fears anymore.

  15. I've learned to deal with my anxiety over the years I no longer have panic attacks and I've got my anxiety under control but when I was younger it was so bad I literally felt like I was walking around in a dream like nothing in my life was real it was a very strange feeling

  16. Lots of love and good vibes to everyone living with gad and panic attacks. Mental heatlh is serious and should be more focused on in todays society. I am glad to see so many people opening up here and talking about it all. So many great comments and understanding! Never stop being you, be and breathe. Because some days that is just what we all need, to just be and breathe. Being out in the wild and free woods have helped me alot. Going for a swim in the lake and some epic sauna time. What really helped me to understand myself better was a few wise words from a soulful friend. Struggling against and creating your own force towards gad or panic attacks really just made it worse indeed. But acknowleding your own emotions for yourself and truly go inside and realize that this too shall pass, was extremely helpful. To see it all clear and realize that it all comes in waves. Embracing it all have helped so much. I am thankful to have people around me who are likeminded, listens and understands. Live and feel free you lovely soulful, mindful and heartful being. <3

  17. Sydney, you did it. You helped represent people like me who are watching this video and have been diagnosed with anxiety and feel hopeless and underrepresented. Thank you, I feel seen and heard today.

  18. Same. Every day. Every night. I wish the neurological basis for nervous disorders would be more widely recognized as neurological and not only regarded as psychological. The term psychological somehow sounds like it implies that the illness is within the person's control and I know aspects of our emotions can be controlled with practice. But I don't have mind control over my nervous system😒 if I could will myself better, I definitely would have done it by now. I'm thankful for medicines, natural and pharmaceutical, to help process healthy levels of chemical neurotransmitters in the brain 🌸🌺🌼😔🙏 Healthy lifestyle choices and habits are extremely important as well. But sometimes when we've done all we can do there's still damage to the nervous system, as a result of previous trauma or something. Mine started when I was really young because I couldn't handle living under constant stress and fear. Every day my entire life until I was old enough to move out. So I think damage was done. Glad to see people talking about it

  19. It's super intense at first I've been having a panic attack st least once a day for 10 years it feels like my anxiety is another person in my life

  20. I just watched this video. I want to say thank you so much for sharing your situation so honestly!! Very few people believe me when I try to explain to them that I have anxiety!! I hide my anxiety behind the mask of a smile and laughter and positivity. So to see your amazing smile and wonderful laughter, made me realize I'm not alone!! Thank you so very much!!! Just keep being you!!! 🙂

  21. Thank you so much for this interview. I've never seen anyone else with one of my diagnosis, and I was like, omg, I so see that and it's ok, your so brave to come out and explain what it feels like, and the fidgeting, yes! Bless you xox

  22. If I would meet this woman on the street and see how she talks and behaves, I would never ever think she got this disorder. Looks like a normal happy person and her smile is wonderful too.

  23. I feel it , but we try to be cool all the time we try to dont cear abuot it
    Welcome painc every time by the time it's coming in easly and go fast

  24. I got diagnosed with “Social Anxiety” last month. My whole life, I have been the guy that can talk to anyone and do anything. I can still do these things, but one moment can change my whole morning or afternoon. I could be typing a work email and then my eyes will start “itching” or so my mind believes so. After that, I am in full panic mode thinking that I am dying in some way. Even though I know I’m not and I tell myself I’m not. Everything seems surreal at that point and that things are not real. She is very correct about the dying thing. Even on the small anxiety attacks. Your mind is saying “Nope you’re done dude. This heavy breathing and itchy eyes is probably a heart attack”. Keep your head up! Fight your anxiety back and make it your b!?$@!!!

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