LIVING WITH ANXIETY (panic attacks, agoraphobia & generalized anxiety)

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I do not suffer from agoraphobia nor panic attacks.

MUSIC & SOUND: Tomek Chmielewski

Please note, this is NOT social anxiety. I’m trying to be as scientifically accurate as I can, so I decided to create a separate film for each of the anxiety disorders. (I will be taking a break now, though, since this one completely drained me).

Most videos on youtube are about “anxiety” which is pretty inaccurate. There are a couple of different anxiety disorders: panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, specific phobias, generalized anxiety disorder. All of these differ and I think each deserves a separate video, not a messy mash-up.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who sent me emails describing their anxiety disorders. I wouldn’t have written this without your help.

If you think you’re experiencing panic attacks, you might want to watch Zoella’s videos, she gives some really good advice on how to cope with those: