LIVING WITH ANXIETY (panic attacks, agoraphobia & generalized anxiety)

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I do not suffer from agoraphobia nor panic attacks.

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Please note, this is NOT social anxiety. I’m trying to be as scientifically accurate as I can, so I decided to create a separate film for each of the anxiety disorders. (I will be taking a break now, though, since this one completely drained me).

Most videos on youtube are about “anxiety” which is pretty inaccurate. There are a couple of different anxiety disorders: panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, specific phobias, generalized anxiety disorder. All of these differ and I think each deserves a separate video, not a messy mash-up.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who sent me emails describing their anxiety disorders. I wouldn’t have written this without your help.

If you think you’re experiencing panic attacks, you might want to watch Zoella’s videos, she gives some really good advice on how to cope with those:



  1. Actually we live in a society which is judgemental, full of expectations and at last no simplicity and compassion is left by people around us forcing u to be anxious and depressed too much.

  2. I have social anxiety and im working restaurant service
    Just imagine every time people get in I cant breath and still talk to make my job everytime I must to go on the table and ask them what they want to drink or to eat…
    I was in prison 4 months I thought im gonna go 1-2 years or something like this thats how I become social anxiety.. I did nothing (and really my friend was fighting with one young boy I just watch them and try them to stop fighting) and thats why now im gonna take 10.000€ from them
    (Because he said I hit him but the truth was out then)
    Its not about the money fk money
    They make my life feels completely zero cause of that social anxiety

    Sorry for my English guys.

    I need help!

  3. I like to explain my mental health to people using an expression my therapist said to me "You put gas in your car in order to drive, and I am pushing the car without any fuel in it"

  4. I wish my frnds also watch this video , if I shared theyll pbbly make fun of me and tease me saying "stop watching this shits" , they still think anxiety nd dprsn are myths and if I open up they'll picture me as a drama maker,….

    But i love you guys so much , I'm so grateful to have all of you in my life , may be this anxiety is a born curse with me……
    Idk my inner hope gets a peace when , when uk deep inside I wish you guys see this comment of mine

  5. It's better to keep inside what's happening on your mind than telling to people what's going on. Because I know completely how many times to open up with them, they still doesn't understand. Open up or talking to people make me sick. I feel so weak. I relate to this, how I wish someone know this is how I feel every time because it's sucks.

  6. This is living with severe anxiety. I have anxiety and it doesn’t stop me from doing some of these things thankfully. My panic attacks last 5-7 mins and I start shaking, sometimes uncontrollably crying for no reason, shivering when it’s not cold and getting hot when it’s not hot. It gets noticeably harder to breathe I don’t want any food I suddenly need the restroom I don’t know what’s happening I feel sick panic attacks really affect people. Sometimes I have panic attacks that last a whole day long. Those days are miserable and I still have to go to school. I can’t hide. I don’t want to talk to my friends (partly because I don’t know anyone) and all I want is a hug but I don’t know how to ask people. I cry through all my lessons and nobody cares.

  7. I worry. I tell myself it’s anxiety, it’s normal. I worry about how I don’t have panic attacks. I worry that maybe I don’t have anxiety, I don’t have a reason to worry. I’m being irrational. So I worry more. It’s so backwards. I worry about not worrying enough, so I worry more as if I need to prove myself. I don’t know if I’ve had anxiety attacks or not, because they can be more subconscious. But I somehow feel guilty every time I tell someone I have anxiety, even though I have to work up courage for months, years. I feel like I’m lying even though I’m not.

  8. "just relax"
    do you think i voluntary asking to feel this way and act this way for the past 15 years? i really wish I'm not here. I'm so tired

  9. I m feeling scared again. I managed to deal with anxiety things were getting better but again in this winter i feel like i m falling down. The fear is paralysing me like nothing is wrong when i m home but when its time to go out i feel really scared. Its hard to control my mind. I m so tired of living like this.All my life i have walked on the thorns. I have finally made frnd things were going great but no now again i have to deal with fear of being feared

  10. I exact have this yess.!! I found it I have this type of disses this is same my story..!!!

  11. wow that hit me well i didnt think anxiety like that bc i have been like that for so long and i was thinking maybe i am lazy and stuff like that but thinks have to go bye

  12. I’m 63 years old. I’ve had this disease since as long as I can remember. It manifested the most on high school. I never left my house for two years until I got called for jury duty.Wich is there is no getting out of.That’s when I first seen Shrink. He prescribe medication to help me calm down. But it didn’t really work. But then there at that spot I decided I was going to take control is taking me 40 years to do what I want to do, I still have anxiety attacks. But if you’ve had them as long as I do you learn how to fake it so no one knows. I refuse to let myself give in.
    I’ve attempted suicide twice and thank God it never happened I feel guilty for putting my family through my disease. But they understood for some reason. I could say don’t give up never give up. You may not beat it but you can learn to live with it and live a somewhat normal life because it will never be normal.

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