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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Dr Alex met with Rosie, 17, who struggled with mental health issues for some time. Since receiving support, she’s now reflecting on what helped her overcome them.

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  1. As someone who suffers with extreme severe anxiety I can totally relate to her. I would stop eating for days at a time as a punishment. I worry a lot about my life, everyone around me and pleasing everyone. It’s absolutely crippling, so glad she got the help she needed, lovely young lady it’s so sad that society has 1 in 3 people suffering mental health issues. I hope everyone seeks help

  2. Alex George is a text book case of why
    I’m scared to take antidepressants. The setraline he’s been on for the last year has wrecked his appearance. He looks totally different.

  3. Please see my post in your questions and answers video re functional b12 deficiency and MFRD Metabolic doctors whom could make massive difference.

  4. over the last couple of years my anxiety and depression has gotten worse, and i feel the media is a large cause. through the pandemic, i feel people, and especially those with mental health issues and those who live on their own should have been in the minds of broadcasters.
    when you live on your own and have depression, especially during a pandemic, the news is a place to hopefully get in touch with the outer world. at the best of times it is easy to become isolated without realising. I switched on the radio and a news programme came on on bbc 6 music. all the stories were quite horrific. And there was a tense ominous hum in the background. this sound effect is there i assume to make the whole thing feel tense as the stories are told. an objective view is that we are being made to feel tense, as the worst stories are told. So the broadcasters have absolutely no empathy for those suffering anxiety and particularly those alone and who really need comfort and reassurance from time to time. After listening to the news and the tense ominous hum, and the stories, i had to switch off, as i felt a panic attack coming on.
    And it's like, after the news they might mention 'mental health'. Do the broadcasters actually not care at all about actual people with mental health issues, or care more so about making programmes about mental health issues

  5. Twinsies on the age of first panic attack. Main difference being I'm still at the, "We don't think you're sick enough," even though I have multiple other conditions. I'm also 36 now, so this crap has been going on a loooong time. Sigh. Her story gave me hope for future generations, if only I could feel some

  6. The problem is the system is buggered if your out in a unit if your still 60% not ok they ship you out and there isn’t really aftercare when you get to 18 the support just isn’t there. Spoke to people with Childreb who have recently turned 18.

  7. Shameless propaganda. Just proves UK' poverty where people have to rely on charity to get med. Help… hey BTW, $ 100, 000, 000 F35 jet just crashed. Ah, priorities …

  8. We shouldn’t have to rely on charities for getting mental health support. I was in camhs for most of my adolescence and the staff are so overwhelmed and the waiting lists are so long that I don’t see how they can truly help anyone. Not to mention as soon as I turned 18 I was told I had to them be referred again to a charity for up to 25 year olds which was one year with no support whatsoever. All of this is entirely the government’s fault we deserve better funding especially when lots of children are probably going to develop serious mental health problems after the pandemic

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  10. Even better she makes you realise the most beautiful looking people can still be struggling not just the (emo) look

  11. I didn’t realise I have anxiety and I’ve now realised I have add that’s gone undiagnosed. At first was subconsciously self medicating with marijuana and still to this day. As a male anxiety is awful. You can’t ask a girl out while vibrating on the floor. You gotta laugh at it all or you cry lol

  12. I also need to add the she does not owe the charity, she owes herself. She was the one that started talking and it was suggested she go to the non-profit. She put the work and time into herself. She has made the journey herself.

  13. Am I the only one or does she seem like a very bright, beautiful girl? What she is saying does not seem to be her. I understand that the self is much different the what the outside world sees. She really has a handle on what she is going through and has had some very good help. She can describe exactly what she was going through at the time and all the aliments she has. I wish the best for her and her mom.

  14. I have the same symptoms. It comes from emotional abuse for years. Now I getting better. Meditation help me a lot.

  15. A shame there was no discussion of the inequality of access to help based on sex?
    Not surprised though since the inequality benefits members of the 'favoured' sex.

  16. This is ironic.
    Most young people have anxiety issue because the bbc is always telling us we are destroying the world.
    The bbc should be so so ashamed of there selfs and so should all there staff.
    BBC and all there staff are creating anxiety among all people with there lies and propaganda.

  17. I grew up with anxiety daily so much that I thought it was a normal part of growing up or even just who I was as a person. Now that I'm older, I realized.

  18. 🙏🙂💗(Ampra)MUKDA, B 😊 Hello you you BBC News l 💗 love you and I 💗 love you you and 💗 love King king king 👑 Queen 💗💗💐💐

  19. People need to realise that people with anxiety disorders have oversensitised nerves, it’s not a simple case of manning up and getting over it. It’s absolutely exhausting living your life with your body on high alert almost 24/7.

  20. Today generacion is a joke…..anxiety 🤣🤣 look the wold now full of rubbish triggered snowflakes …

  21. Cams is a waste of time. You spend many months waiting for them – then they inevitably decide you're not 'bad enough.' We had to take our daughter to private doctors who cost a fortune, but at least she got seen.

  22. It's great, that this young little girl has a wonderful support system and figured out early, what's wrong.
    Due to extreme violence abuse at home, I developed anxiety and depression when I was around 4/5 years, then kept on developing other conditions like OCD and panic attacks. But I could only realise that just 3 years back. And I'm trying to learn more about it to improve and Sail through and stay afloat without having anyone to support or even to accept and acknowledge what happened to me and what I'm going through on a daily basis, rather some people giving me directions and lot of nonsense with little knowledge about anxiety disorder and dipression and Complex Trauma.

  23. You go girl❣️ beautiful story, proud of your strength. I’ve watched my daughter go through similar life challenges.

  24. I was also dismissed by calms too they weren’t helpful at all but this is good cause ik I’m not the only one .

  25. I feel exactly like that right now I can’t go to school or anything but good on her for opening up it’s hard .

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