1. The vascularity is disgusting bruv not sure if that’s a condition you have or something you want but man is it not doing u good

  2. Call me crazy but your skin looks aged, almost like an old man 👴 what happens if you stop lifting and supplementing ?

  3. When u started going to the gym did u ask ur mom or ur dad to go to the gym. Do u think it is awkward to ask ur mom?

  4. Lol people hating on this guy saying ‘you forgot an important supplement’ – 16 hours without food and they become whiney bitches. Hell, even eating without carbs for 16 hours and they’d complain about headaches and no way can I do this etc.
    Try a few fasts and you’ll really see weight loss happen. Lower carbs same thing.

    People wanna shit on others without doing any effort themselves. What fuckin Tren are you taking that keeps you at 130 pounds? That’s not a thing so continuing to hate makes you look real weak.

    When you stop eating lots of carbs, your fat oxidation goes exponentially up. It’s not that hard to get hardcore cut on a carnivore/keto deficit.

    My job gets me 30k steps in a day and a constant push/pull routine. Keto and IF, not carnivore like this guy, and I’m down to 9% body fat. If I eliminated veg carbs altogether I’d probably be at 5-4.4 where this guy is. It’s really not that complex if you have no underlying conditions. Simple, not easy

  5. Magnesium biglycinate is a great recommendation. I would also add Zinc to that mix as well. Since most people have deficiencies of both.

  6. Telling people to have that much magnesium might cause a few heart attacks for people watching this.

  7. Bro what the fuck why do you take so much. And that’s not even everything obviously. Like goddamn I just take vitamin D cause I don’t go outside much lol

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