L-Theanine Supplementation and why GABA Doesn't Work


  1. L-theanine helped me sleep 3 nights then all of a sudden, last night.. It didn't. It feels like it wakes me up in some ways as well, does it increase serotonin? Cause if someone has too much serotonin already then…it'll not work for sleep… Like htp5 it'll just make us more psychoactive.

  2. When I take L-Theanine it does everything you say it doe's until the next day then every nerve in my body falls apart in a spectacularly anguishing way. Anyone have any ideal why ?

  3. Subscribed! I am not a person who enjoyed biology at school. I only took it as a prerequisite. But I enjoyed this lecture and would like to see more. Thanks.👍🙂🇨🇦

  4. Gaba makes me feel like I'm high on marijuana but very alert and focused. 5-htp makes me feel like i just won the lottery. I'm gonna try L-tyrosine and L-theanine next. So far 5-htp is my favorite.

  5. clickbait, says it doesn’t work but then admits really its just promoting theanine more, also i bought gaba today and you put it under the tongue, i heard it can help with hgh too

  6. why it does nothing for me 🙁 do I need to take it for a longer period of time to take effect for anxiety? I want it to work

  7. Phoenibut (Фенибут) Russian medicine made special for Astronauts. It is GABA which can cross hematoencephalic barrier

  8. GABA works. I know ppl say it doesn't cross the bbb. But I know it does. I can tell everytime I take it. I take a lot of probiotic foods. I think maybe the gut microbes affect it in some way. Just a hypothesis

  9. I’ve had the opposite experience. It took about 2 months but I did notice an improvement with GABA. Felt like my brain was calmer. On the other hand, I’ve tried Twice to take L Theanine, I started slow with 1/4 pill because I’m sensitive to caffeine, on the 5th day I took 1/2 and was so buzzed I couldn’t sleep and I felt an increase in anxiety. Same thing happened when I tried again several months later. By the 5th day I couldn’t sleep and felt very anxious. Was shivery and couldn’t breathe well. Tiny bit light-headed. I really wanted it to work because it’s supposed to be the best supplement for anxiety but not for me. Also tried ashwaganda, but it caused a slight allergic reaction and I spent the whole night itching.

  10. GABA, Time Released 5-HTP, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine,KSM66 Ashwagandha & Glycine knocked me smooth out for 7+ hrs. FACT

  11. L-theanine doesn't help in sleep ,it might help one relax but doesn't knock you out. 5htp is better to knock oneself out. Gaba 500mg doesn't also work for sleep. 5htp is very reliable for most people.

  12. chris shade of quicksilver has a product that combines l theanine with gaba and phosphaditylcholine and vit e….in a sublingual spray form,,,, would gaba when put in a liposome cross the BBB?

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