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Keto Supplement Guide | Must Haves and Scams
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Keto Supplement Guide | Must Haves and Scams
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  1. If you are suffering with depression on keto then mct can really help as it has been linked to production and synthesis of tryptophan and serotonin

  2. I’m also going to disagree a little bit on some of what you said about the detox stuff. Yes buying some sort of box that says detox super food keto yada yada is pretty much wasting money but eating certain foods that help your body‘s natural processes is a good thing, garlic turmeric, you mentioned cayenne, which is capsicum, things like ginger and so on our part of eating healthy that’s food and nutrients. Especially with the way food is grown over the last several decades in commercial farming, the soil is void of nutrients and when you Google broccoli and see all these nutrients in it, when you buy broccoli that’s not what you’re getting, what you’re getting is 10 to 40% of what it should be and his void of nutrients and minerals most of the time. This is because factory farming grow food yank it from the ground discard the waste and grow two or three more crops in a single year using ammonia-based fertilizers to make it grow quickly and it’s garbage nutrition. And buying it from a Whole Foods store or from some hippie who doesn’t use pesticides doesn’t add nutrition. Honestly I think people need to learn to nurture soil on their own and grow many of their own vegetables because almost everything you buy even at Whole Foods stores is garbage, And that’s one of the biggest problems with obesity as we have people eating tons of what they think it’s health food and getting fat because their body screaming for nutrition that it’s not getting. On keto are eating fats which satisfy the hunger craving but even that, meat fed GMO soy garbage is a sick animal void of nutrients surviving on hormones and antibiotics, which is why he spend extra for the grass fed free range stuff but that’s only as healthy as the grass it’s eating come if that farmer but something that was a corn or soybean field for 20 years and let it grow bunch of weeds and his cows are eating that it’s still void of minerals, Now eventually the cows will help fix that naturally but honestly if people want actual nutrition without supplements they should be growing their own food and they should learn to nurture soil and how to burn an add carbon how do you mulch properly how to compost and return minerals to the earth, your organic scraps should never be thrown away they should be thrown into your yard to compost and break down and nourish your soil to grow food and that includes bones and blood, if you’re hunting or growing your own animals don’t throw that away, work that into your soil returning those nutrients to the earth so when your grass grows to feed your animals it’s nutrient rich or when you grow vegetables they are nutrient rich. So a lot of these suggestions for eating things like ginger for eating fruits like berries which are still grown naturally because factory farming he hasn’t improved on nature and eating a lot of what they call detox types of foods specifically is a great thing. Turmeric and ginger and garlic our products still have a lot or most of their nutrients in it as compared to a lot of the things we buy, we think broccoli we’re buying is healthy when most of it is just fiber and roughage and we’re getting way less than half the nutrition we think sometimes 90% less and honestly you can’t eat enough vegetables. I’ve heard you comment on how Dr. Berg says you’re supposed to 7 cups of Green vegetables a day which is impossible and it really is, but using more turmeric and ginger and Cayenne and cinnamon and foods that we call spices is a great suggestion and just a great part of a healthy diet. A lot of people skip these things because in a lot of western culture we consider them spices not food and some people just aren’t into spices and flavors I don’t think about eating these things when we should be. So yeah I wouldn’t go to Walmart and buy a box of super decaffeinated detox coffee or tea but when people suggest you add more healthy spices that help your body’s natural process of purging toxins, it’s a good idea

  3. I was a little surprised about the collagen, especially since you guys swear by bone broth every day, bone broth is basically collagen, it breaks down the collagen tissues in the bone marrow and the bone in the gristle And the primary benefit of bone broth is you’re absorbing all of the collagen from those broken down tissues. Collagen as a primary building block of bones and cartilage. Collagen is sort of a manufactured version of that. For people with inflammation issues and especially joint issues it’s critical. Yes making and drinking bone broth regularly is a better source but to a lot of people it’s critical

  4. Hey guys, If you guys read this message, what is your input on bee pollen or bee product supplements? There isn't much rave about it in the keto community, it would be nice if you guys did a review on what your insight about it is. Thanks for the great content btw!

  5. Hello, I am not on keto. I am doing research to see if it is something that I would like to try. There is so much information out there that it is confusing. I will continue my research. Where should I start getting better information?

  6. One of the cutest and coolest keto couple. Love your natural honesty. Keep up the awesome videos.

    I TAKE freeze dried GREEN MUSSEL , 1 per day for joint mobility, also 1 per day for my dogs hips. From New Zealand, inexpensive – I started going up & down stairs 2 months on IT…………NOW
    Started KETO and even greater benefits…I am 73 and feeling better EVERYDAY !!

  8. Apple cider vinegar helps my reflux instantly…I have reflux rarely on keto, but sometimes get unexpectedly
    or from medications…it helps maintain lower glucose….read cod liver oil is usually rancid

  9. the vitamin d/k3 contains soy, as in modern soybeans that have been crossbed to resist pesticides soy?

  10. I just started watching your videos recently and was researching collagen and if its better to take collagen powder or pills supplements or just drink/eat bone broth and I decided to look through your videos to see if there was anything and thankful to see this one…one of the things I didn't see mentioned was a probiotic and I've read other books and such saying they should be taken…what are your thoughts on them and should they be an added supplement? Thank you for yoh channel., website and the tons of info!

  11. A couple years old but a good and appreciated video.
    The K2 D3 was fermented from natto. I stay away from soy. Too bad looked like good stuff.
    I’m surprised you did not speak more to probiotics and whether a yes or no.
    Also would have liked recommendations on when and how to take. With or without food…time of day, etc.

  12. I have always been vit d deficient then the pandemic hit and I started taking a lot of supplements. I take 5000 ius of d3 everyday and im.not deficient anymore.

  13. I tried a fat burner and learned what a mean speed buzz must be like. It was horrible. Won't use those again. This was years before I learned about leto.

  14. Is it to scam poor people or is it for people who has money? Like my mother who has brain cancer and doesn't like to drink oil or eat that much fatty food.

  15. Can you over do supplements? I assume you’re getting many of these things from food. What happens if you have too much of something?

  16. According to Consumer Lab, Metamucil is full of metals! So thats off my list! Scam time on that! 🙁

  17. You're right about collagen not just turning into hair, skin and nails when you take it because it has to go through the digestive system. However, your body breaks it down into the same amino acids that your body uses to make collagen. Think of it like building a brick wall. You need enough bricks to finish the wall. Most of your bones are made of collagen, not calcium, and it is in a high percentage in all of your muscles, along with hair, skin and nails. Your body needs a lot of it and most people don't get near enough in their diet.

  18. How can you not know whether you can say something in a free country?
    When it isn't. Parlor

  19. Thanks Guys !! I was looking into ketone drinks. The prices are Unbelievable !! And you made me think/realize that the only people that are telling me to use them are the people that are selling them. I think I'll stick to real food… lol

  20. Collagen is growing my hair, improving my skin. But I take it for connective tissue and spinal disc repair .

  21. Hey guys
    MCT oil works for my mood and energy. It’s the ketones going to work 👍🏻. I’ve been able to stop antidepressants since being on MCT oil. My anxiety is down. Feels really good. I’ve been on the keto diet for 5 weeks now and looking and feeling good . I take fishoil, D3, lutein, and I’m on bio identical estrogen. I’m 59 but people think I’m in my late 30s early 40s. Keto is a lifetime lifestyle I’m going to try your recipes out. Thanks for your videos. Love em🌷

  22. You said don’t buy products that say keto on them (scam) yet the products you show say keto on them I’m confused please help

  23. I liked the video enough I hit the subscribe button. All very good information.The only thing I would add is discussing detoxes. I do believe supplementing the detox your liver occasionally is a good thing. I mean seriously, the liver is your most important organ. It has the word live in it's name. Milk Thistle supports liver health along with many additional benefits.

  24. Cayenne pepper works for me. For me, cayenne pepper helps with headaches and depression for me. I drink Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric and it helps with pain and tension as well. It gives me a nice relaxed feeling.

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