Kendall Jenner Opens Up About Her Anxiety | Open Minded | Session 1 | Vogue

What is social anxiety and how do you cope with it? In the first episode of Open-Minded: Unpacking Anxiety, Kendall Jenner sits down with licensed clinical psychologist and professor of psychology, Dr. Ramani Durvasula, to discuss the symptoms of anxiety she has experienced from a young age.
As Kendall opens up about her journey with social anxiety and asks questions from the Vogue community, Dr. Ramani provides tips and tricks for handling social anxiety and re-entering social situations post covid.

For more information on anxiety symptoms, treatment, and resources please visit:
For more on Dr. Ramani’s interview with Kendall watch her video at: and check out her YouTube channel:
If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. Connect with the NAMI HelpLine Mon-Fri, 10AM – 8PM (ET) by calling 800-950-6264 or CHAT at In a crisis? Text “NAMI” to 741741, 24/7.

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Kendall Jenner Opens Up About Her Anxiety | Open Minded | Session 1 | Vogue


  1. ENABLING Doc you LOST so many respect points here.
    Anxious people like this do not need to be mollycoddled. You don’t get less anxious by being enabled, this is feeding into the VICTIMHOOD which is ruining our youth.

  2. Although i am not the biggest fan of Kendall Jenner i do believe that she has anxiety. The way she explains what she’s went/going through is very telling. No matter what living situation you’re in, if you have anxiety it will creep up on you and that’s honestly one of the worst things about it.

  3. I liked this channel until I saw they invited one the kadashians – either cause doctor Ramini is naive or part of their system. Either way as usual the kardashians and all the group of soul/ time/ blood suckers succeeded to introduce my world by coming exposing their «  problems » to the entire world on one of the channel I like(d) – liked in the past cause as soon as I see them come corrupt one of my friends or people I like -> Unsubscribing. Ramini : not supporting soul suckers like the kardashians on this planet. Only problem in my life is their presence on earth. That shouldn’t have happened like ever.

  4. Besides this discuss was really cool and helpful, to every single phrase the doctor said Kendall was like: yeah, uhum, right, right, yeah, aham, okay x 59 times. Haha 🤣 I loved the conversation, but it really distracted me omggg, pls say it wasn´t just me

  5. Yes I too had an anxiety attack last night around 8:30 till 9:45 I was so out of breath and then I said my mom i was literally shaking for some minutes I felt like I am going to die lol

  6. I still have one of these. Do you know what I mean? And that thing up there sometimes, like, doesn't always (..). It's not always like happy and It's not always connecting. I'm still a human being at the end of the day. No matter what someones have or don't have. It doesn't mean that they don't have real-life, feelings and emotions.

  7. Anxiety is horrible and hard to deal with. I alway had compassion for people with anxiety orders never knowing l would experience the disorder myself.

  8. Anxiety is more present in urban areas compared to that of rural areas. Amish people are not usually found in urban places.

  9. I guess there is a lot of pressure for celebs like her to always look perfect. All your relationship failures are out there for the public to see … not much privacy

  10. I know nothing about these folks but it’s pretty obvious if you’ve been in the psychology field for any length of time:
    She grew up with nothing in her control.
    She still has nothing in her control, but the public thinks she can have anything she wants.
    Everyone around her created her problems, and she leans on those same people to solve them (trauma bond).
    Unless she runs away, this will never solve itself.

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