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  2. Honestly if i were able to give Kendall advice it would be that who cares what people think she is literally beautiful and rich so why should she give af what others say

  3. She gets so much hate and I'm not sure why. People call her a pick me because she says she doesn't wear makeup yet destroy her for supposedly setting unrealistic beauty standards.

  4. get off the internet and social media for a week and immediately you feel better, no need for pills

  5. Their whole family is so self-absorbed that they don’t stop to think of the damage they have created for young girls and women in society on “false images”. Their life is very privileged and if they really wanna talk about heart ache they should look at the lives in DL La and see the hardship these people face.

  6. Soooo.. I entered this reality show which is currently on air in SA rn. I'm an actress and have done a few feature films, but I've never really done anything that puts me in the public like that. My initial reaction to the show when it aired gave me so much anxiety that I've decided to leave social media completely for the month of April. I'm not even watching the show and the only platform I'm on is YouTube. What I'm experiencing right now is nowhere near what these celebrities go through and I honestly applaud the amount of pressure they need to put up with.

  7. I admire her so much for opening up. I hear so many people talking about them mostly negatively and i always keep my mouth shut cause the reality is no one knows them 100% they show us what they want us to see. We aren’t them, we don’t know what goes on in their life, what they struggle with or what they do behind the scenes. We really just don’t know them as well as we think we do

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