Is Plan G The Best Medicare Supplement Plan? The Pros and Cons of Plan G

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Medicare Supplement Plan G is increasingly popular, and some agents tout it as “The Best Medigap Plan”, but is that really the case? This video breaks down why Plan G is so popular, and some potential downsides look out for before you enroll in Plan G. We also review Medigap Plan G vs Plan N and weigh the pros and cons of these plans.

What is Medigap?:
Best Medigap Plans 2021:
Plan G vs Plan N:
Medicare Plan N Copays:
Medicare Excess Charges:

KFF article, How Many Physicians Have Opted Out of the Medicare Program?:

Medpac document on Medicare Physician Payments:

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  1. So then you need Medicare Part D for prescription drugs, and a medigap Plan G to cover the 20% deductable Medicare A&B don't pay correct?

  2. Stephanie, I found your videos very informative and easy to follow. My only negative comment is that you need to spell check all of your graphics (e.g. the correct spelling is "benefits" not "benifits")

  3. So ,it seems that plan G is probably the best for me. I'm guessing there are stand alone vision and dental plans still to shop for and can you recommend a next step for that?

  4. Stephanie, if I understand it correctly, if my wife is new to Medicare, has never had a supplemental plan, and applies for a Supplemental Plan G, she would not have to undergo medical under writing, and would be guaranteed acceptance. Am I correct?

  5. Great information. Another advantage of Plan G is the "high deductible" option. In my opinion, the deductible is very low. You can pay a much lower premium than the standard Plan G and Plan N. An important thing to note, however, is that if you ever want to switch to a plan with more benefits in the future (i.e. plan N to Plan G), you will need to go through medical underwriting as well.

  6. Hello Im 55 yrs old and just got my Medicare card can I buy a G plan and a PDP to go with it ? Hola at you r boyieee : ) P.S I live in Poconos Pennsylvania and on disability 24 month …

  7. Stephanie, If you are not already a millionaire, you will. Be, and should be. Your appearance is professional, your speaking ability is terrific (former teacher?) and hope you are a principal in an honest
    FMO with stock options. If not, start your own!! Many will come. I always enjoy and benefits from your videos. Jack Frick, CIC, CISR, AIS, M.Div. Austin. TX. Keep on, keeping on.!

  8. I am 6 years away from retirement and have begun to explore Medicare and all that it entails. You've done an excellent job explaining Medi-Gap plan G and plan N. Thank you Stephanie!

  9. My medicare card says part A and Part B that is all. I have Anthen Blue cross Suplementary For me And Spouse at a cost of $403.00 monthly .Prescription meds Silver Script at a cost of $53-00 a month.
    If i add plan g to my medicare could I drop the silver scrip and Anthem?

  10. So when you turn 65 even if you’ve been on Medicare SSDI you can still get in under that one time no underwriting needed clause?

  11. Is there a lifetime maximum benefit for different companies for Plan G? I see $50K for MofO but this is always in the same section as international travel so is there a max lifetime benefit here in the states ? Thx.

  12. Dear Steph Abt: I am looking for something that doesn't lock me into a network, where, in an emergency, there is no fooling around wondering what doctor or hospital is linked, lest I would be out-of-pocket for the whole expense of the operation or procedure. The Advantage would be a semblance of this.

    Question: Would G be better in this regard?

  13. Your videos are great! You make it so easy to understand! Still, I think I really need some help choosing a plan. Are there any states you don't work with?

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