Is Guru Mann Selling Useless Supplements??

So, here is my Analysis on Guru Mann’s Supplements and his Advices on its consumption.

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  1. Tum bs kamiya nikalo….abe tum ko jada knowledge hai to 1500 me tum hi per workout bna do ..hum log kharidenge…pr yad rkhna agar tumhare pre workout me koi kami nikli to tumhari gaad faat?????????

  2. This guy once said "Guys do not purchase blend/ concentrate protein if you wanna lose body fat as you do not need cholestrol fats carbs that comes in blend whey, spend more money and invest in whey isolate". Since then I pretty much lost all respect for him.

    He was advising beginners to invest their hard earned money to invest in whey isolate which is way costlier and u only get like 1-2gm protein extra minus 2-4 carbs 1-4 gm fats and some cholesterol. Such a stupid statement given by him.

  3. Tbh I never used any guru maan supplements but in whole indian you tube or fitness industry he give you most knowledgeable and reliable info

  4. Go take care of your civil engineering degree, before you find others lacking, take a look inside yourself and see what you have given to this fitness industry…..
    It is better to do some good work in your channel than to make videos on Guru Maan.
    You can't understand what Guru Maan has done for people 🇮🇳

  5. Hi Uzair bro,Lots of love from India,can you please review Nutrabox 100% whey protein,it's informed choice certified and number 1 product in labdoor, still somehow cost of it's 3 kg is 4999 INR,can you please let us know if it's a good product or not?

  6. Mostly hate your videos, just searching the content on Internet and giving a judgement is a bullshit. You dont even try the things on your body but you give the judgement. lolz.

  7. Even if you take Muscle Blaze's Citruline Malate then it also recommends to have a serving of 2gms.
    To follow your advice, answer is in your video's first line that dont believe this face.

  8. Can you please put light on below research

    One of the more interesting research findings regarding L-arginine and L-citrulline is that combining them can significantly increase efficacy in the production of nitric oxide, even at a lower dose than from either amino acid alone. A number of animal and human studies appear to show this effect.3-6

    Which says combination is better

  9. Oo bahi wo ek certified trainer ha jo chez banaye hai ose pata ha tho banaye hai he gave his life in it dont sit and comment befazool

  10. Tu bacha he uske age abhi or bacha hi rahega jab tere doodh ke 🦷 aye bhi na the us time se isko gyan he or tu isko gyan de raha h jitni teri umr he na utna isko experience he 😂😂😂

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