Introvert, Social Anxiety, or Depression? The Differences

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Introvert or social anxiety or depression? In this video, MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson and clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani discuss the psychology of introversion and the differences between an introvert, social anxiety and depression. These are the differences.

Dr. Ramani and Kyle answer…

What are the differences between being an introvert and depression?
Why do people confuse introverts and those who are sad or depressed in the first place?
What are the differences between being an introvert and social anxiety?
What is one key thing to remember when it comes to being an introvert vs social anxiety?

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  1. I.. As a person who have all three of these.. And i have confirmed these year ago.. And now i can't be more sure bout it

  2. I was hoping to fall asleep listening to this video but now I'm mesmerised by the possibility of seeing the other half of the dog
    Edit: 5:10 😀

  3. I'm kinda confuse at myself. I enjoy being in a social gathering and most people say that I'm "the life of a party" as I get along well with everyone, I can be the one who can make the situation livelier, if there's someone I saw that is not fitting in, just in a corner being left out, I will try to have them involved and enjoy the moment. And I would probably be the last one to go home. I enjoy meeting people and making new friends. I can make a random kid feel that I'm her best friend even if we just met a minute ago. All these things that are defined as extroverts. BUT…at the same time, I don't and wouldn't initiate those gathering. Like, yeah, sometimes I voluntarily and happily go with it but sometimes I just go there because I had to. If you would ask me, I definitely would prefer to be at home, doing my crafts and stuffs, cleaning the house or just reading or probably asleep. I'm not the travel type of person. Actually, I hate travelling. Its exhausting and boring. I actually enjoyed this quarantine and lockdowns, I could be living my life with this even after 10 or so years, and I don't have a feeling of missing those social gatherings unlike my other friends who are soo vexxed to be with one another. Its not that I don't want to be with them, I mean I misses them too, but whats the use of chatting or video calls? I can communicate with them anytime of a day. Even here at home, with 3 people including me, my interaction with them are very minimal. So what am I? An extrovert or introvert?

  4. Thanks for clarifying the difference between these three states. I LOVE my “me time”! I think I’m both an introvert and an extrovert. Is that possible? I love being around people but I notice afterwards needing time to recharge by being alone. I will even make sure I get plenty of “me time” by staying up after others go to sleep so that I can have quiet time to study and meditate. Great video!!!

  5. I'm an introvert. I love ppl, but I can hangout for right amount of time, not too many hours bc I love being antisocial too. Home alone with my cats sounds perfect.

  6. Yes introversion is feeling better when your alone. Just preferring to be by yourself. Yes you can have social anxiety, or depression because everyone can. I happen to be introverted and socialy anxious. Another thing to remember is that humans are social beings so introversion doesn’t mean that you don’t need people at all.

  7. I've found that a lot of Western societies look down on introversion and even see it as a problem. But I've also lived in some non-Western countries where introversion is seen as normal and even valued. As an introvert, that was really interesting for me.

  8. Day to day I find social anxiety harder to deal with than depression. A lot of people are unaware I’m depressed but my social anxiety I feel is something that is quite obvious to other people.

  9. Jesus the more I look into mental health the more I learn about myself. I have been aware for 6-7 years that I suffer severe social anxiety, this led to depression as I then started to isolate and withdraw from people and groups. Only just recently I’ve started to realise I may be an introvert. Fascinating

  10. Oh, thanks, this helped me a lot, mainly the last part … I am an introvert but I tend to fall in depressions throughout my whole life… And exactly the last sentences, that was the important takeaway for me – to better identify why I don't want to attend a family gathering or go to do some important shopping etc, because the feeling I have about those is not always the same. Sometimes it's like "It will be tiring again, damn, so many people…", sometimes it's more like "I don't want to see anybody, I would rather close myself from the entire world…"
    Thanks a lot!

  11. As an introvert, social gatherings hold more weight compared to someone who is extroverted. It kind of feels like I have to prepare for a big event, not that I’m dreading hanging out with others, just that I need to prepare myself for it.

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