I’m Taking NMN – What’s the Hype with this “Longevity” Supplement?

My Own Experience with NMN ONLY!
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  1. It’s very hard to explain specific results with NMN. It’s something that IMO should be taken for a good length of time. Unfortunately I’m also making sure to not make claims because it’s a supplement that could be misconstrued. So in short, my personal, anecdotal experience has been a much clearer feeling, I seem to be sleeping harder (more efficient perhaps), I definitely am more alert first thing in the morning, very little ramp up period in the morning. I’ll keep everyone posted as time goes on. But this has been a very heavily requested topic. So please understand the goal is to educate and share my experience WHY I am taking it.

  2. niacin (nicotinic acid) better, cheaper and more effective than nmn or nr.
    There are even studies showing this.

  3. What a load of crap..ffs..where is your info and results after taking it?…man you have jumped the fence to take the money train and that is it….lost faith in your channel…

  4. You didn’t talk about your results or experience! You need to change the title of the video to infomercial not personal experience

  5. Just clicked onto the MNM Link, and it wasn't giving 20 % off, only 10%. Still looking! No more clicks from me Thomas! I unsubscribed, I'm tired of lies! I see no results in this video!

  6. Most of the sellers are Chinese, the supplement made in the USA because they want to sell them to China, and location of the company is usually located at a private house, that's interesting.

  7. Interesting concept but I caution anyone and everyone to consult experts and not youtubers for your heaalth choices

  8. Just placed my order! Thanks Thomas, don’t listen to the nonsense comments…. You are providing enough knowledge about the product that i was able to conclude on my own it was worth a try. Cheers 🍻

  9. I just took NAC+ today for the first time. I hope this helps me. I had a hair analysis done and it said I was adenine deficient.

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