I 485 Supplement J Confirmation of Bonafide Job Offer

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Disclaimer: I am not an immigration lawyer and all the information in this video is available on public domain. Your specific immigration issues should be discussed with an immigration attorney.
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  1. Dear, Mandar, I had EB2 with my previous employer but when my current employer filed my GC, they filed in EB3 and applied for AOS towards end of October. My priority date is 08/2013. My EB3 is retrogressed and EB2 is almost current. I am in a very confusing situation. Any advise?

  2. I received 485 J receipt notice after 6 months , where as 140 and 485 receipt notice received in 3 weeks only.
    Some one said as I got 485 J notice now someone started looking my 140 and 485 case. Is this correct?

  3. Hi Mandar – Good video.. Why dont u make one video about yourself . Like what you went through with key dates… I am sure everyone will be interested. Ofcourse nothing confidential needed.

  4. I applied and got I-140 approved on March 2021. My Priority date is July 2011, and it is current now. I submitted the I-485 form on 20th June 2021 along with my I-765, I-131.

    I am working with the same employer who applied my I-140 and got approved. We did not include Supplement J form with my I-485 application. Is this a problem?

  5. Hi Mandar. Thanks for the informative video. I am on i485 and past 180 days. Now i want to move to another company . Now i will have change of address and supplement j. Will 2 updates impact my gc. My date is current.

  6. I have my EB3 action date current, filed in 2013, when I was on H1B visa. However now I am planing to travel on L1B with same employer , how would it impact my case if I file I 485 once I am in US, I can file I 485 while I am on L1B or I have to change from L1B to H1B? Is it okay yo travel on L1B , it won’t impact my green card process ? Please suggest. Thanks

  7. Hi Mandar do you need an advocate help to attach/send the i485J or can we do it online by ourselves .My i485 is pending for 180 days and I have changed my job and my PD is current when should I submit my i485 J thanks in advance

  8. Hello boss, I am very much interested to watch your all immigration-related useful videos, which are really great. can you please do one video on interfile process, that would be very grateful

  9. Hi Mandar so the situation for my friend as he got the RFE after 8 years applied for 485 got supplement J to send job details as filed based on I140 and he got laid off last year and currently no job and he got this 2 weeks back since he worked on EAD for 8 years for different employers so based on the current situation with no job how to respond the RFE and what else to do get GC?

  10. Thanks Mandar,
    1) Previous employer – 140 approved
    2) current employer – GC process not started yet
    3) can I extend my h1 with new employer ( beyond 6 yrs) if PD is current?

  11. Hi Mandar, Good day to you ! one point for clarification. If we submit the I-485 J along with I-485, will USCIS issue two different receipt notices? thanks in advance for your reply.

  12. Hi Mandar, soon we will be 180 days into the i485 application date. PD is 07/2013 so atleast a couple hrs away, H1B valid till end of 2023: if we change jobs right now under AC21 (i.e. 180 days after i485 receipt date) what are the steps to follow: 1. Questions for the Attorneys of the new firm (2) should we change now or wait for EAD cards (3) After H1B transfer to new firm When do we initiate I140 (4) do we have to file i485 again.. in general what all steps should he follow. Thanks in Advance

  13. I applied and got i-140 approved. My Priority date is Current. I submitted the i-485 form after about 1 month after the i-140 approval (together with i765, i131).
    I stay in the country. I'm going to continue working with the same employer (which is on the i140 form). Will I still need to apply for the i-485 Supplement J later? Thank you!

  14. Hi, if company A submitted I485 and GC EAD , received. GC not received yet. now i need to change to Company B. what are my options?

  15. At what point do you need to apply for I 485J? Is it right after changing job while waiting for GC on AOS?

  16. Hi Mandar, This query is for my colleague and friend who has approved EB2/I-140 from petitioner A, and his PD is in the 2013 year. My company (Petitioner A) recently acquired by Company B (Petitioner B) who is a successor of interest in this acquisition process. Company B filed concurrently the I-140 amendment and I-485 for all eligible employees. The question is; Can my friend use I-485J for changing the job after I-485 pending for 180 days, or he will have to wait for his I-140 amendment approval? Company B is laying off a few employees, and I believe my friend's name included in that list.

  17. one more additional point, for say, your employer A did your perm and I-140, but you moved on and joined employer B. Now, your filing date is current. Your employer B has not started your new perm. So, as mentioned in the video, you will talk to your employer A for help, for say he agreed and signed your 485 J with all the details and you filed your 485 application successfully and got the receipt.

    Now, here is the additional point, every one suggested that we need to go back and start working for the employer A and wait for the approval time. This is not completely true, this is true only if your 485 interview time and approval time is within 6 months of receiving the 485 submission receipt.

    If that is not the case – meaning – you have gone past 6 months and you are still waiting for the interview date and your 485 is still in pending status but you have received a receipt 6 months ago – Now you can try to port your green card application to the new job with employer B (ofcourse same kind of job as mentioned in the original I140 with the employer A, should satisfy all those rules),
    the point is it is perfectly OK to request with an AC21 application once you have gone past 6 months of pending 485. Not necessary to go back to your employer A. Ofcourse it is a happy path to be at the employer A at the time of interview but not 100% mandatory.

    This suggestion I got from murthy.com (took an appointment (paid) for consultation on my open 485 questions).

    So pray for a pending 485 application to go past 6 months if your case is dependent on 485 J supplement with employer A – and be happy and then file AC21 carefully with the help of a good attorney.

    The advantage here is
    1) You dont need to go back and leave your job and join back the employer A
    2) Your new employer doesnt need to waste time and money on a new perm and a new i140 (ofcourse, back up perm and i140 is always good, but involves time and money and you need to stick to employer B for a long time to get perm approved and i140 approved and then 6 months after i140…huh)

    1) Within that pending case of 6 months, if your old employer is bankrupt and the organization is shut down (within 6 months of your 485 pending application) – in this scenario your 485 will be denied.

  18. Hi Mandar , I am following all your videos and I would like to ask this question and get the answer once you get a chance.
    * With Employer A I got the EB3 – Priority date July 2012.

    * In 2016 I moved to Employer B they started the PERM in EB2 and did the porting of EB3 to EB2 Priority date became July 2012

    * In 2018 Employer B merged with Employer A we all moved to the employer – Employer A

    * In May 2019 I moved to Employer_C they are going to file my PERM soon.

    * Now I have a Future employment offer from Employer A they are ready for providing all documents and Supplement J. (This is my first Employer A I have my old EB3 from them), I am a prior employee too. Can I file I485- adjustment status using the EB3 of Employer A with the future employment option without EB-3 downgrade ; please note that I did the porting of the Priority date from EB3 to EB2 in 2016 when i was working with Employer B . I am planning to apply I485 now with employer A and i will jon them once my I 485 approved .Do I have any risk in that filing of I 485

  19. How to find job code information on
    I 140 ? It’s filed in 2011 and I have only approval notice of it. Company has changed lawyers many times. Please reply. Thank you.

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