1. Had a 01 Suburban with 240K miles and a piston slap/lifter noise Lucas oil stabilizer did NOTHING !!. But then I tried this hy-per lube oil supplement and NO MORE NOISE !! That sold me on this product !!! BYE BYE LUCAS !!!

  2. My dad used this on his 2006 Nissan Sentra got 210k out of the engine before he sold the car Never had an engine/transmission issue.. but he did change the oil every 3,000 miles
    He bought the car brand new.. btw

    I started using this on my 2008 Chevy Tahoe with Active fuel management that started having a AFM lifter tick at exactly 103,000 miles
    it's at 103600 now
    the tick is gone 😀 (but further testing is required)…. i only used 3-4oz though (because i had a full 6qt crank case of oil and i don't want to over fill it)

  3. My Datsun uses a oil spray bar for camshaft lubrication. I had put the recommended amount of hy-per lube in on the last oil change. While I was checking the Valve lash  and compression one weekend I decided to check the oil spray from the spray bar. While spinning the engine with the plugs out for about 20 seconds you can see the oil pressure come up and I noticed that some of the out side holes (near the end of the spray bars) were not dribbling any oil, while the inners were putting out more than normal. they generally all just pour out a stead stream with out the additive. I presume that under normal oil pressure of an operating engine the increased pressure and volume overcomes this, but I was concerned so I drained the oil and replaced it with straight 20-50wt (the recommended weight for my climate). What is Hy-per lube position on use in spray bar equipped engines? like I said I did not attempt to try it at operating speeds (with out the valve cover on oil is slung everywhere).

  4. Why are you telling people a lie? Most engine wear does not happen doing the first few seconds of start up. The reason I say this is because there is still oil on the bearings from the last time the engine ran. I'm not just repeating something someone else said. I have a video where I rebuilt an engine. I have never even heard of this stuff until a few minutes ago. I got 300k miles out of my 96 Tahoe engine using nothing but synthetic oil. No this stuff would not have helped my engine last longer because the heads were cracked.

  5. One quart per gasoline sized engine? STP is 15 ounces per engine. I don't like that ratio just like I'd not put one quart of Lucas in your average sized gasoline engine. I'm thinking half a quart of these gooey oil additives in a four or five quart oil sump.

  6. I use it but note it's not for racing a thicker oil can hold heat longer making the oil hotter. But who normally drives 100 MPH like NASCAR? It helps to have cushion in the engine from the oil but driving crazy all day long, no! If your car takes a 20W oil I would or not use it, just use less of it. It would be a hit and miss thing in it's use. If your car idles badly or vibrates bad it might be too thick. If your car has hydraulic valve lifters don't use it. The oil needs to be what the engineer said it needs to be at. Anything else is ok! Hy-per does wonders for a old Mustang push rod types. Nissan Versa 1.8 the one that clatters in cold weather from missing the needed oil squirters. Not in any RX-7+ types as it burns the oil as a two stroke. Hy-per has it's uses but cars are changing so it's use should be as needed. Note it could help in lowering the chance of low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) by displacing the calcium additive that is already in the oil. Cushioning the bearings from LSPI, making a seal keeping the calcium from getting in the combustion process making the LSPI If Hy-Per lube doesn't have detergents in it don't know. Added note cars seem to run better at a 33W. Like my car takes a 5W 30 so adding 24oz of a 20w 50 turns it to a 7w 33! I don't know what Hy per is but would be cool if it would get the oil to a 33! I am for real!

  7. Anybody else notice how much faster he turns the beater with the hyper lubes in it. I personally use hyperlube but I would be nice if they could just do the same test both ways instead of rigging results. And if you can't see the hand move just look for the shadow on the bowl and keep the tempo.

  8. It does work I have tried everything and always had this ticking noise after gas leaked inside manifold I tried to start and probably bent a valve rod but the tapping noise is annoying then I tried half a bottle and writhing 10 min went away raised my oil pressure up a tad and puts like a kitten. Engine is much smoother at idle or it’s just me but has been the only product that has worked this stuff is what it says

  9. I had been using Hyperlube oil and 4 regular oil for ten years, I have 98 suzuki sidekick it has 240,000 miles and 08 Kia Sedona with 150,000 miles on it and are both still working. I also used "engine flush" cleaner every 50-100,000 miles to flush the gunk inside the engine.

  10. 04 gmc yukon. Would have a serious knock sometimes. Knock would wake up entire neighborhood. Tried lucas, seafoam and other brand. Flushed oil again this time used 10w30 instead of 5w and hyper lube. So far a week later still no knock and oil level stays at normal.

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