how to write the Barnard College supplemental essay | reading my accepted supplement + tips

These are some tips on how to write the Barnard College, Columbia University supplemental essay about a woman in history you’d want to converse with. I also read my accepted essay.
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  1. awe I chose to write about RBG's right-leaning decisions, which is probably not as impactful as urs but they accepted me so its vibes (co2025)

  2. I would love to hear your commonapp essay! Did you write it having barnard in mind because I know some people do. Would be amazing to hear your view on that and tips on writing it as well.

  3. Thanks for the insight! Loved your essay be the way!! Could you do a video on how you formatted your ECs on the common app and how you explained them? Thanks in advance

  4. Also! Can you do a video with Barnard interview tips and explain the questions they asked you/ your answers!? Thanks so much for the content!

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