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Here’s how to deal with anxiety for good through 5 small but consistent changes you can implement each day.

Triple board-certified neuropsychologist Dr. Judy ho truly understands the neuroscience of generalized anxiety disorder and what actually works for anxiety relief. Her strategies for how to deal with anxiety are research-backed. With the right lifestyle changes— life hacks you can implement each day— dealing with anxiety in a truly effective way is possible.

While therapy and treatment are certainly effective when it comes to how to treat anxiety, any good therapist knows that these self help strategies are crucial in maintaining recovery when you want to truly overcome anxiety.

This MedCircle education on how to overcome anxiety is incredibly important, especially as students go back to school in-person.

Discover more about how to deal with anxiety for good – and get in-depth answers to the most pressing questions:
What is anxiety, really, when it comes to the actual psychology?
What are the most effective types of anxiety help?
Why isn’t “how to stop anxiety” the right question to ask?

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  1. Seen a couple of med circle videos. I like them but I think the host is an undercover mean girl. His facial expressions in some videos, comments and tone reminds me of a diva

  2. I was also dealing with anxiety but Planet Ayurveda gave me a cure from the disease and now I am feeling very light as anxiety was eating me from inside.

  3. What if you can't sleep because of the anxiety, your diet is affected as you can't put enough effort to planning and preparing food, you have no energy to meet and talk to people, your exercise routine is affected and you don't recover fast afterwards because you can't sleep. You do have hobbies but you have to choose between work and doing hobbies as you have the energy to barely do one… anyone knows a video that might help with that?

  4. Give yourself some time, let your body to take its own course to heal, don’t worry too much about anxiety and depression. When you get hurt physically, you need time to get better, same with your soul, needs time to heal. Sometimes soon sometimes longer. Just remember, this too shall pass!

  5. Still dealing with the heart ❤palpitations, dizziness & shortness of breath. At times I feel like I'm dying & I just wanna give up. Thanks for these kind of videos it's quite helpful

  6. Get off the phone during social time. So difficult that in a restaurant you now have to read the menu on your phone!!!!

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  8. About 25 years ago a doctor said something to me like… a long time ago we could throw our problems over a cliff and we can't do that now.

  9. Oprah winfrey isn't all that great. Someone like Ben Carson or Bill Maher would be a lot more interesting to meet in person.

  10. I have 5 and a half to 6 hours too.
    But I never feel like it's enough!
    33 hours … Wow
    I'm sure I'd awake a new man!

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