High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plans 2022 Update

High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plans – Finding Value
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My company has done a lot of Medicare supplement high deductible plans. We have offered Medicare high deductible plans for many years. Medigap Plan G high deductible is for those new to Medicare since 2020. These are great Medicare plans for Florida, New York, Washington State, Connecticut and more.

There are events unfolding that will have a significant impact on the value of the high deductible Medicare supplements. If you have a Medicare supplement high deductible Plan G or a high deductible Plan F you will want to hear what I have to say in this video.
If you are considering a high deductible Medicare supplement, this video has information that will help you determine if it’s a good value for you.

The important point to make is that the deductible increases every year with inflation. Of all the Medicare supplement plans, the high deductible plan is the most vulnerable to periods of high inflation. Because the increase in the deductible is a direct decrease in your benefit, periods of high inflation directly reduces the value of the high deductible plan compared to other Medicare supplements.

If you have a high deductible plan with a price that increases every year and a deductible that increases every year you have two major components of your insurance that are compounding against you.
Every year you are paying more for less coverage. If you are just turning 65 you can have 20 to 30 years of negative compounding that you must consider.
I prefer the high deductible plans in States that have a mandate requiring all Medicare supplement plans be priced as Issue Age or Community rated. In these states, there are often some insurance companies where price increases are few and far between.

To find the value of a high deductible plan you need to compare the premium savings of your high deductible vs the premium of full coverage like a Plan N. Then compare that savings to the cost of a hospital stay. Can a single hospital stay ruin the value you see in the high deductible supplement plan?

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