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According to psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula, Kendall Jenner would be a dream therapy client.

Kendall Jenner grew up on the set of the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She has been in the public eye her entire life. Many people don’t realize this is not easy.

When Dr. Ramani interviewed Kendall Jenner on social anxiety for Vogue, had the mindset of a clinician, not a fan.

In this eye-opening video, MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson and Dr. Ramani discuss…

– How can someone famous experience social anxiety?
– What is the psychology behind why they might experience more social anxiety than the average person?
– Why is the universality of this interview between Kendall Jenner and Dr. Ramani so important when it comes to mental health awareness?
– How can spreading this information on mental illness help people on a micro-level AND on a cultural and societal level?
– How did this interview shed the misconceptions surrounding social anxiety disorder and feeling socially anxious?
– Why do the treatments and interventions that Kendall Jenner does everyday actually help her anxious thoughts and anxiety, from a clinical perspective?
– What was it like on-set shooting with Kendall during COVID times?
– How could being in the public eye – for example being on KUWTK – create feelings of social anxiety, a panic attack, or other anxiety disorders?
– How does such a wide-reaching video interview on social anxiety and mental illness help, especially during the pandemic where “re-entry anxiety” and survivor guilt may be more prevalent?

And more.

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  1. Dr. Ramani is now a celebrity herself, and she deserves this. Now it's time to give credit to people who serve the society, and world, and we love them back..

  2. I'm confused. Dr Ramani often suggests that obsession with fame/status/celebrity is a sign of narcissism.

    Yet, she speaks so highly of one of the most fame/status/celebrity obsessed people on the planet.

    Imagine if during the Kyle Live Therapy session, Kyle said he wanted to have his own reality show to becomes rich + famous, admired for his looks, and live in expensive homes and drive fancy cars.

    Wouldn't she have told him he's a narc?

    And yet, Kendal and her family built a fortune off that strategy and not once does she suggest that they are narcs.

    Was Kendall interview was a PR strategy organized by Ramani's agency A3?

  3. I am forever grateful to Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured me from herpes with his herbal medication, you are so real and trusted.

  4. I'm wondering if she has anxiety because of her family and how she grew up? Being in front of cameras from a very young age. Did it exacerbate it?

  5. I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't know that Kendall Jenner was a Kardashian. I wouldn't recognize her if I saw her on the street though she would leave an impression. If I met Dr. Ramani on the street I'd probably start gushing and tripping over myself, admire her knowledge and video work.

  6. I'm to Dr. Ramani's words. She is a beautiful person.And I love watching her videos, I'm learning a lot from her about this field. 😊 Feel so happy to watch her here on YT.

  7. Now, through the power of technology, we can ALL: be dragged into the digital 'town square' to be ridiculed and abused for not conforming to the status quo. Being anonymous is about to be a thing of the past; FOR EVERYONE.

  8. Dr Ramani your brain and knowledge dresses you from head to toe and Vogue must be absolutety agree and proud for sure.

  9. Dr. Ramani is so approachable. She just exudes this warmth and kindness and gives a feeling that any problem can be tackled.

  10. Before the month is over, please give a perspective on the negative anxiety from people who live with Asperger disorder.

  11. This is so interesting and I love that Dr Ramani didn't know who Kendall was before the interview. It was probably so much more genuine for their discussion for the client to have someone see her as just someone ordinary for the first time in a long time so she could open up and get a real dialogue going. I've never heard of the thing about people with social anxiety being the ones in hectic outgoing families who were the quiet ones. I grew up in an extended family of 11 people (most of whom were super loud, extroverted, boisterous and inviting friends over who were similar) and I would join in sometimes but I was mostly to myself as a child reading or filling out puzzle books. It wasn't a negative thing I don't think. I was just the quiet one and everyone was fine with it most of the time. They would sometimes joke that they'd forgotten I was in the house because I was so quiet and would disappear in a room for hours. I never thought that might be a factor in my anxiety. Oddly enough I think that makes me empathize with Kendall (who I honestly don't pay much attention to personally) because she was kind of thrown into fame by just being a part of her family and it was kind of a media circus. I would hate being forced into that much attention and fame so young and feeling like I had to compete with my famous, successful siblings who thrived in the limelight and then being expected to do the same when I came of age because fame was the family business. I don't care how much money you have, that's got to mess with a child growing up like that and being judged and gawked at during some of your core developmental years.

  12. I am 22 yrs old now, been suffering from anxiety for over 15 yrs (I've been suffering since childhood, it's just that I became aware about it later). I really wanted to say this, sorry if I sound stupid or weird.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm afraid to marry and have kids, because I feel what I have experienced as a kid, I will somehow knowingly or unknowingly pass on to them and then they will end up growing with the same issues I grew up with. These thoughts especially come before sleeping, and sometimes I stay awake thinking about it.

    What makes it worse is the fact that my trust levels have gone so bad that I don't even think a Psychiatrist will be able to help me.

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  14. I have social anxiety. It effects my life everyday. If someone needs
    someone to talk to I'm here! I would love to talk.

  15. I can’t understand the people that say : “she have money and fame , what her problems may be “ , sounds like they don’t perceive celebrities as humans just because they have those things. Sound also as money would buy you happiness and make you healthy. Which is not true , I mean they will make you happy for some time , but when it becomes your normally they won’t as before.

  16. Honestly, I don't think I had ever heard her name before. And I'm 21 years old. Though I'm probably not a typical 21 year-old…

  17. This interviewer looks like an Oliver Twist's abuser, and for some reason I feel Dr Ramini does not have emotions she's more of a rational thinker than an emotional thinker.

  18. That's good that she didn't know who Kendall Jenner is. Once she starts looking into what family she belongs to, it will all make even more sense!

  19. Dr. Ramani is so annoyed about how he is asking the questions with a "wow, you interviewed a celebrity!" kind of attitude and Dr. Ramani is trying to step away from the celebrity status to humanize her while he's too invested in the celebrity status. He annoyed me on this one. Dr. Ramani, thank you for not feeding his starstruck moment.

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