Guided Sleep Meditation, Let Go of Anxiety Before Sleeping Spoken Meditation

A guided sleep meditation to help you let go of anxiety before sleep and fall asleep with greater ease. Calm your mind and improve your sleep with your FREE sleep guided meditation.

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Guided Sleep Meditation (Let Go Of Stress, Anxiety) Sleep Hypnosis Meditation 🍃

Guided Sleep Meditation Positive Mind Boost and Energy Healing Before Sleep With Affirmations 🌈

28 Day Change Your Thoughts Manifest New Reality Guided Sleep Meditation 🌳

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  1. It’s 4.47 am here in Cape Town. & I’m hoping this will help me sleep finally… sweet dreams lovely.✨💗✨

  2. A favorite of mine–and especially welcome to wake up to this morning……Thank you.

  3. This…. Your voice, your kind words. I can honestly say that you have saved me in ways I can't really put into words. The fact that there are people willing to do this for the wellbeing of others is truly an admirable use of your gift. I hope that anyone still watching your videos finds themselves delving in one of the many multi universes you create. 🙏 . BLESS!
    Tia 🦋

  4. I've listened to this for three nights now and I still have no clue what happens after about 20 minutes lol

  5. Jason, you have served me. I didn’t even think I could get rid of these horrible feelings that are within my body. I was stressed, I hated my life and myself. I now have compassion, I feel very much lighter in my heart and soul and I need to thank you for that, you have been my saver and your work really has helped. THANK YOU!!!

  6. These graphics are awesome! This was great and really helped me fall asleep fast.

  7. I received a sleep mask with built-in headphones for Christmas, it's the best way to listening to these guided meditation videos. I've been getting the best sleep!

  8. Thank you sooo soo much, dear Jason! This helps where most things don't…

  9. The scene is so magical with the crystals and mushrooms, I love it, and was visualizing being in that forest 🌳 ❤️🍄

  10. Let anything and anyone opposing the most high be torn down and utterly destroyed, in the name of Jesus!

  11. So I listened to this then dreamt about blocked toilets 😁 I think someone is trying to tell me something! More seriously, these have improved my sleep so much.

  12. My mom suggested this to me and being so young with anxiety i had for once felt at ease and not shakey and the morning i woke up (5:03) eince i went to bed at 8 i felt so refreshed and ready for the day, my mom has been suggesting things like this for awhile and it got so bad for me to just realize that "hey listen to your mom for just once in your life these months have been awful and you need to fix yourself up" so i thank her for telling me and giving me time to think about it since now i will listen to this on my own at nights and it helps alot

    Thank you 😀

  13. I have had a few trauma related accidents and you Jason have really helped me with dealing with these and giving me coping methods when I can’t sleep when scarred through the nights. I thank you with all my heart jason, may life bring you nothing but happiness. 🙂

  14. I’m so glad more people are becoming aware of the aspect of their overall health. Something that worked for me and helped me to improve my mental and physical well-being was Forwago.

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