Guided Meditation for Anxiety & Stress 😌

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Enjoy this 15 minute guided meditation for anxiety and stress. Relax and release tension from your mind and body. Use this meditation to cultivate gratitude, positive energy and peace. This meditation includes gentle neck stretches, full body relaxation, positive affirmations and visualization. Great for beginners and all levels.

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  3. Wow..I meditated after so long..I never felt so relaxed in my entire life. Thank u Lavendaire for this beautiful relaxing meditation💖❤

  4. I started full body shaking crying when she talked about peaceful place. My mind never lets me have a moment of peace so imagining peace made me cry. Shoot I'm crying as I'm writing this!

  5. Am i the only one that can't visualise a peaceful place ? I feel like it's more related to how i feel. I could be in the most peaceful place on earth and still be stressed if i am.

  6. why mediation make me nervous? I been having panic attacks and now is 2-3 month that I am having to deal only with stress and anxiety, been walking, yoga , therapy 2 times a week , i can see a bit of change that i walk and i go around and but still have headache , sweating, no power in my body at all , dizzy . does anyone have this kind of experience?

  7. I can't thank you enough for this. I was super anxious today and listing to this is beyond peaceful. Thanks a ton! ♥️♥️♥️

  8. I'm strong
    I'm peaceful
    I'm positive
    Lots and lots of consistency in me
    I'm a powerful soul
    I'm a powerful soul
    I'm a peaceful soul
    I'm lively
    I'm strong
    I'm happy
    I'm strong 💪
    I'm loved
    I'm enough

    I'm worthy
    I'm talented
    I'm strong
    Thank you almighty Allah
    Thank you my body and mind
    I'm blessed

  9. I've been dealing with anxiety heavily this week, and this meditation just brought me to a place of peace. Thank you so much 💜

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