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Supplement overview with Greg Plitt MFT28 2013

Pre-workout Shake ///

Shaker cup with water (or milk)
2 scoops of whey protein(~50 grams)
1 scoop pre-workout supplement
1 serving of preferred creatine

Post-workout Shake ///

Shaker cup with water (or milk)
2 scoops of whey protein (~50 grams)
50-75 grams dextrose (or simple sugars)
5 grams l-glutamine
1 serving preferred creatine

Bridge Liquid Meal ///

Take between your first workout and the solid meal, and then again before bed.

Shaker cup with water (or milk)
2 scoops of casein protein (0.25 grams per pound of bodyweight)
Optional for first bridge meal: juice carrots, apples, spinach, broccoli, etc.

Solid Meal ///

Learn more about what to eat on the MFT28 Nutrition page.

Fish oil: 2-3 grams

HMB ///

3 grams per day.

1 gram with first post-workout shake
1 gram with solid meal
1 gram with second post-workout shake


  1. That is over $200 worth of supplements. Seriously. But if your are only eating 1 meal a day it is more reasonable. If you spend another $100 – $150 for 1 meal a day for a month you are looking at $350 for food and supplements. That is more reasonable than 5 or 6 meals. Less meal prep and preservatives.

  2. i only drink a rice protein shake (rice protein only because i'm vegan, whey is better in taste ;D) every once awhile to hit my macros.. creatine (creapure) 5g everyday.. fish oil everyday for health purposes and a zinc supplement..
    that's it.
    no need for casein protein (pure bro science stuff..), no need for pre-workout booster (drink some coffee).. marketing is way to much these days. do your own research guys and you'll be fine

  3. Have you seen Morsch Muscle Madness? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way to build muscle fast.

  4. Yes i mean it. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming.

    btw!but ye my senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise.

    if you are serious go for it now

  5. My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with "Rapid Muscle Booster", but then I showed them the results. Go and Google Rapid Muscle Booster to see their reaction.

  6. Greg I think your website has much more unbiased info than some sponsor endorsed vids. I'm happy you're doing what you gotta do, you deserve all the green.

  7. Well… It's your opinion, I have my own too. I did it and worked, besides you have to take into account that it's only for 1 month.

    Do it before you talk.

  8. Oh come on stop crying all of you ! Its a 28 day diet programm and it tells you that you will build your dream body .OF COURSE is gonna have that type of diet and not just food ! If you dont trust THIS guy then who will you trust really?Nice work Greg for being honest and make us face the reality and what it takes to indeed reach that level

  9. No nwed to take all this creatine works the rest … well…. try for yourself.

    Bodybuilding is alll about learning what works for you not anyone else I treat my body like a machine and the gym is my garage I give my body the fuel I know works for me .

  10. If you are looking to get ripped, you should Google "H6x Muscle Monster". That can help you get the body you deserve.

  11. i think he is natural.He is not huge,like our friends in Olympia…i dont think he s on steroids…my personal opinion:)

  12. Greg is great,no question about it,this wokouts are great too.But i dont think you need all this sups,you have to eat real food too,no just liquid,this can be dangerous,especially for beginners,i dont recommend it(for beginners)

  13. This is just any advert for the supplement industry, Greg has sold out here I doubt he takes all this crap!! Good protein and good nutrition with multivitamin all you need !!

  14. Listen don't listen to this garbage. If you want to lose weight then you really don't need any of these supplements. Eating fish 3x a week is better than any fish supplement out there. Incorporating some fruit is better than any multi vitamin. You know there's not even any scientific evidence that your body absorbs mvs… if you want to lose weight go on a caloric deficit, eat clean and do cardio 3-5 a week is enough.

  15. Bro I feel you.. I love Gregg but I feel like he's really selling out right now. I mean look @loco305mia comment wants to lose weight and now he/she thinks she needs all these supplements. I'm a huge fan of Gregg and HE said it himself so many times that you don't need a bunch of supplements. He even said he never uses pre workouts, his own pre workout is him getting angry and pissed and psyche your self mentally… I lost a lot of respect for Gregg…

  16. If I want to lose weight still gotta take Protein,Creatine,L-Glutamine and HMB???
    What about if I don't have that much time to work out twice???
    Can this helpm lose weight also????

  17. I admire Greg. He has motivated me to return to the gym. But this here… is a complete BULLSHIT. This has nothing to do with his videos @ gregplitt .This is just a trick that Met-RX is using … nothing more.

  18. Any supplements that need an 'off' period will have it on their label. Some of the Amino Acid formulas recommend taking 4 weeks off per every 12 weeks on.

  19. If you're mixing it all together in one shake, you don't need to add extra water. Just whatever amount you like with your protein. I usually go between 8-12 oz per scoop of protein.

  20. This is the only video where i don't like GP on it, cuz he just does publicity for his sponsors (Met-Rx) while there is much better supplements like Casein and Whey.

  21. If you desire to get ripped, you may want to Google search for "Aston Muscle Ripper". You are going to end up getting the muscles you should have.

  22. can someone tell me plz how much ml water do i have yo use for a postworkout (2scoops whey protein + 5g creatine + 5g l-glutamine) ????

  23. there is scientific evidence out there not to load up on carbs straight after your body has worked out, because the insulin spike you get from that decreases the amount of growth hormone released and IGF-1 growth factor, probs the only thing that I disagree with otherwise greg plitt is still an awesome guy

  24. Have you seen "Elite Muscle Formula?" (check it out on Google) It is a quick and easy way to build muscle fast.

  25. I like greg plitt but half of people lifting don't have money to throw away on these bullshit supplements, he knows you don't need half these supplement's. Top three supplements from this list #1 Whey protein, #2 Creatine monohydrate, #3 fish oil that's it. Focus on diet with solid whole foods and hitting a Certain amount of macronutrient's each day!

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