Gravitas: Herbal, dietary health supplements cause liver damage

Herbal and dietary supplements are causing liver damage. In Australia, several people had to get a liver transplant after consuming supplements. Palki Sharma says it’s time to bid goodbye to protein powders, omega-3 pills, and health drinks.

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  1. This report is demonizing supplements, I am alive thanks to supplements and herbs after conventional medications not only failed to help me but further damaged my health. Of course one shouldn't take supplements & herbs without consulting with a qualified herbalist or expert in natural medicine first. And there are charlatans trying to sell products with questionable ingredients but we shouldn't condemn all supplements/herbs because if them.

  2. So so so misleading, pls upgrade your knowledge before giving any news.
    Just for TRP you are actually doing this

    Get your facts right

  3. If i take curcumin supplements, which is herbal and good for liver, and which indians eats daily in form of curry powder on their foods, will i get the same risk?! Dont generalize herbs & supps like this. Very misleading

  4. Our country in which more than 70% people are protien deficient, you should promote Heath SUPPLIMENT specially WHEY PROTIEN.

  5. You didn’t mention those 10 patient might be exposed to other contents like alcohol , fatty foods ,drugs . Exposure could be different. And now a days everything we eat is harmful. Fish meat veggies

  6. Thank you for Charing this videos my Allah bless you .πŸ€²πŸ€²πŸ€²πŸ€²πŸ€²πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  7. This report is so wake and general. It goes from India, Australia to UK from herbal to supplements. It is a very interesting subject but please be more precise. Donno what the host is barking about as she tried to give medical advice.

  8. Studies have been on zinc and vitamin D,vitamin D Is something you need to take with a fatty food/supplement,like a fish oil.
    Ultimately do YOUR research,find a good company and stick with it.if YOU can get YOUR own herbs get them.But know what your looking at.

  9. Nice joke,
    I recommend people do a proper research because i take whey, creatine and other vitamins for years and recent my liver profile, creatinine kidney test, and blood count, were all good and healthy.

  10. Specifically Weight loss products can cause liver damage and all warnings are given on products, if no one is bothered to read and want to take it, you can’t explain it. Also this is not true for all products.

    But mostly gym/ health industry works on this principle. It feeds on passion of people, and go to any extent to keep people attracted

  11. Home cooked food only..? But the food we r eating is healthy? I guess not as most are chemically aided grown or preserved. So nothing is safe. It's all non-organic. Of course I won't waste my money buying cheap supplement products from the market too..

  12. One of the leading causes of death is iatrogenic, which is death as a direct result of disease or disorder caused by a medical doctor or physician, eg secondary to a medical treatment or procedure……I'll stick to my alternative therapies thanks!!

  13. The harsh reality is that food no longer provides us anywhere near the nutritional value it had before our food, soil and water has been deliberately poisoned by the psychopaths controlling us. We are forced to supplement to support our bodies on top of healthy diets especially in winter when Vit D, C and zinc are essential to fight viruses, which despite your claim that there is no proof, is well studied, proven and documented!!! However there are different qualities of supplements and generally you get what you pay for.

  14. People are replacing food with supplements.Supplements are meant to be taken with food.If you take it alone your going to the hospital.

  15. of course people want to take supplements. We know our food is grown in poor soil, drenched in fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics ect. Food does not even taste real anymore. Yes, the natural supplement market is rife with counterfit ingredients. Since your medical doctor only knows about pharmaceuticals, where does one go for advice regarding supplements? Naturopath/ homeopath/ holistic dietician or what your country offers when it comes to health care providers vs. disease care providers(ie your medical doctor). These health care providers are doing the research into the quality of ingredients and are able to help you figure out if and what your cells are lacking. Yes eating organic, locally grown, whole foods are best. If you want to know if your system is lacking see a professional. Too much of a good thing is not good!

  16. Bullshit news. Finding correlation on hospital visits and clinical problems with increased supplements usage is incorrect. Supplements are a wide range of products, what kind of supplements are we correlating with? Herbs? Vitamins? Minerals? Amino acids? Protein powders? No specific causation is given here.

  17. πŸ™„ but doctors also get commission for selling tablets and supplements. So why they don't recommend us? Do you think they don't do it? Almost 90% doctors recommend vitamin pills on a daily basis if you visit them.

  18. Facts not enough to make your comments strong enough to believe. Have you observed the dosage they used to take? That study, did they monitored what kind of lifestyle and what kind of suppliments they used to take? Most importantly there dosage? If you got this report, kindly share…

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