Golden Retriever Who Had Separation Anxiety Gets A Kitten Brother | The Dodo

Golden retriever with separation anxiety gets a kitten — who curls up on top of him when their mom leaves the house!

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  1. I lost my beloved 12 year old tabby Pooky just 2 months after getting a new tuxedo kitten named Tater. It was heartbreaking, but even more so because they loved each other, and played hard together all day, harder than Pooky had in several years. I want to get Tater another playmate, but I have to wait til my lethargic, arthritic 20 year old lump Tubby passes on. In the meantime I snuggle and play with Tater at least an hour a day.

  2. That kitty cat has Beautiful eyes like wow 🤩. The foggy is such a big softy n is so gentle with such a little cat. Very kool they are such good buddies , here’s to s long n happy life together, thank you for sharing your fur babies with us y’all!

  3. The golden retriever as it is done is gentle!

    They are like lovers!


  4. I feel like this was the interaction
    Dog: what is this little gremlin?
    Kitten: slap
    Dog: It’s adorable and I will defend it with my life

  5. LOVED the clip of Hero & Horlicks just hanging after their 30 minute "free time". Hero looked as if to say, "We got this! Not only do I have my bro's back; I'm ON HIS BACK."

  6. Of course the dog wants company. They are pack animals. Locking a dog in a tiny apartment by itself is basically animal abuse

  7. 1. Very sweet story. Horlicks for sure needed a friend (good boy!)
    2. That cat is beautiful, the color, it’s eyes. Is he a breed or did you get super lucky to adopt him?

  8. Can you please STOP putting the camera so close to the animals? No wonder that dog is anxious.

  9. This is so touching picked a beautiful cat! You are so kind – God Bless You for caring about these beautiful animals.!

  10. A good mommy always knows how to help…baby brothers are usually pretty awesome at coming to the rescue

  11. More jobs should just allow people to bring their dogs..
    Sure they need brakes and playtime but the owners wont mind doing extra time as long as their dog is with them..

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