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In this episode, Thomas is out and about, and when he spots a cute guy, he’s conflicted on whether or not he should approach. And, /if/ he were to approach… how?

We hope that you enjoy this video, and we look forward to eventually bringing this animatic to life for everyone, Patron or non-Patron alike, to enjoy!!

I have to give a GARGANTUAN & TITANIC amount of appreciation to my partner in crime, Joan, who helped direct me and the other actors. They also co-wrote, voice acted, adapted art, helped edit, creatively directed a BUNCH of other aspects of this video AND the direction of the Patreon page, and, like, SO much more… I am so lucky to have them for these stories that we get to create…

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I need to give the BIGGEST, HUGEST, MOST GRANDIOSE THANK YOU to Erin and Alex, the artists, and Brei, the animatic editor, who helped make this over 17 minute-long animatic come to life!!

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Also, a HUGE thank you to my friend, Quil, who safely and brilliantly helped give me Virgil’s live-action looks for this video, as well as contributed their voice for a couple characters!

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And a GINORMOUS thank you to all my friends, including Joan and Quil, who put themselves in a closed space and remotely recorded their voices, giving life to all the other characters featured in this video!

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I also wanna give a BIG shoutout to the creator of our awesome thumbnail, Lev!!

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  1. I literally had this issue yesterday.

    Me: I wanna talk to her. . .

    My anxiety, Luna: What will you say? You’ll make a fool out of yourself. Don’t even try.

    My creativity, Sil: but what if she’s like you? You’ll make a friend!

    Me: m mm . . . . . .m m m m m .. . . .

    Luna: don’t.

    Sil: my personal thoughts are do it so we can make a friend!

    Me: :/

  2. DID YOU GUYS SEE VIRGILS EYESHADOW WAS PURPLE FOR A BIT, LIKE WHEN HE WAS REALLY HAPPY?! its entirely possible that this was talked about before and im an idiot BUT STILL

  3. Roman: “we don’t know if he’s NOT gay!”
    Thomas: “no. Stop. You’ve used that on me way too many times.”
    I love this, because it implies that Thomas has assumed or at least hoped someone he likes is gay, when they might not be. Which is relatable. I’m honestly glad I’m not gay just because of how inconvenient it is. It’s difficult enough to find someone you like who likes you back in the same time and place, but NOW you have to find someone you like, to figure out if they are gay, be in the same time and place as them, and finesse yourself into their heart. It takes so much effort it should be an Olympic sport at this point. Hell. I would pay to see it.

  4. I was so amazed with this beautiful thing and how accurate it was! Im not gay nor do I get many chances to go out since I cant drive myself to places but seeing the stress inducing secondhand embarrassment leading up to a satisfying conclusion really makes this masterpiece. Well done thomas you really outdone yourself again

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