Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver outlines what, exactly is problematic about Dr. Oz and the nutrition supplement industry. Then he invites George R.R. Martin, Steve Buscemi, the Black and Gold Marching Elite, and some fake real housewives on the show to illustrate how to pander to an audience without hurting anyone.

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  1. Only in fucking america's dog-eat-dog capitalism are citizens left without protection against predatory companies and used as guinea pigs, and the ironic part of it is that many americans oppose regulation. America has the lowest life expectancy among rich countries cos its citizens are fat slaves of consumerism.

  2. Just to give props where they're due; Steve Buscemi had gotten right on the beat by the end of the first bar when the band began drumming. He might not be pretty but the man got rhythm. Who could ask for anything more?

  3. Is Dr. Oz supposed to be attractive? Why do people watch him? I never understood the Oprah show or quacks like this. (I grew up in a medical family – dad was a legit doctor.)

  4. Incredible that politicians pay averages 400.000 a year and they all leave office with hundreds of millions.either my elementary math skills are not to par or lobbyists have their hooks in all of them.all of the decisions they make are for greed not our needs.dont believe this is one party or the other.i believe they start for the right reasons till the cash starts flowing and c u later.

  5. Just going to point out that Mehmet Oz is running for public office. I'm not surprised in the fucking slightest.

  6. Good Reporting thank you John Oliver and at the same time I do think someone in Congress should pay attention more!

  7. Even though they are dipshits you got to admit, that "Hatch & Harkin" makes for a great movie title for a buddy cop movie

  8. Although this show was made 7 years ago this issue continues . It continues more than ever. Thank you for this info with such serious comedy. 👍

  9. Imagine Last Week Tonight's team pitching this episode to HBO: "So, we need a puppy, three women thowing wine at each other, a t-shirt cannon and Steve Buscemi tap dancing."

  10. Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil are both societal cancer and need to be taken off the air. They both cause more sickness then they understand.

  11. If you can't understand how books and drugs are related to vanity you probably deserve your ugly face. Hahaha. Especially concerning a classified secrecy and over extended time. They'll sell you diets and face creams but to a normal educated person those are really inconsequential. The finest of information and a lack of drugs is a better vanity cream.

  12. If John ever decided to run for president, I’d vote for him.. That whole “born in the USA” rule should be changed.

  13. I don't like OZ! He intentionally gives out false medical information altered to appease his sponsors.

  14. We have being fighting and longing for solution to cure herpes virus and here is the solution Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube herbal medicine that I use and it cured me.

  15. Great show!! so well written. love the guests!! What terrific kids 🙂 🥁💃🏻🕺🏻
    i hate this guy!! he’s such a liar! have you seen the new one started in 2021? if you lost weight as quickly as he says, your skin would wrinkle and hang. the girls who have lost in the after pic, have perfectly tight skin. what BS!!!! 🙄 >:|

  16. FDA lowered quality control standards Showa Denko took out 2 filtration steps.
    Tom Harkin became believer afterctaking supplements for his allergies. They work for many health conditions that expensive pharmaceuticals give harmful side-effects and deaths every year. Yay DSHEA!

  17. Now he is running for a senate seat. Nobody saw that, right? Oliver has the ability to predict the future if the future was twisted and perverse.

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