Dr. Becker Explains What to Look for in a Pet Probiotics Supplement

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  1. I am so confused. Whenever I want to find out how many strains a product has, i always get an answer of 2 billion strains of beneficial bacteria. But, you say it should be 10 or more?

    When they answer 2 billion, they are talking about the potency of bacteria per serving? You say 30-40 million, so a product with 2 billion is super great, right? I have found so many products with 2 billion strains and GMP certified. But, I havent been able to find out how many strains each product has.

    This is so difficult. I have already spent way too much time of this looking for the right product for my 3 yr old very itchy girl! Can you not recommend a product? Or some products?

  2. There are SOOOO many products out there. To go and find these 3 answers in every single product will be extremely time consuming. Are there some products that you recommend?

  3. I was wondering what probiotics are safe for my dog, I want to buy the one that’s popping up everywhere for dog but I’m not sure if I should. It looks very new and don’t know how to feel about it

  4. I love you as a Dr and I’m in Canada,and my cat is 17 and I bought A Alpha and omega , 8 because she started coughing after eating, and so I gave her Collidial Silver and the cough is only once a day. This was the top prebiotics probiotic digestive enzymes . 300 million for the first 8 and 500 million for sacharomyces.. it says use short term,What does this mean, it’s not saying. Plus she’s not drinking like I’d prefer. As much but I’m Meat yes ,if drinks to much or fast she will cough,but the burping is better but any ideas hoe I can help her cough. 10 ppm Collidial Silver,How much per dose . I bought it at National Nutrition. She’s only eats grain free senior wet food,and loves Tumeric. She did have rotten tooth loose ,her breath was so bad it wasn’t like bad,it was rotting smell. I gave her Collidial silver and cleared up but it was 10 ppm and expensive at 30 for teeny bottle. National nutrition here in Ontario was 14.00 100% pure organic and cleared it up . I
    So either both the Collidial Silver or the above pre @ probiotics,and it’s name,she told me it was the most expensive,top quality being 300 ,million for the first 9 ingredients. However it’s only made for cats and dogs. It says not for long term use. Ok I’ve been using it daily for 3-4 days . This to me ,despite this manager being an absolute doll. ,this is extremely frustrating and confusing. We have 2 cats and an English mastiff. So is it 3 months ,6 ,or weeks or days,God forbid . Please help .

  5. I give my small dog a teaspoon of homemade water kefir. I make it with fluoride free water and organic sugar. I drink it everyday.

  6. Why dont you guys load a video a day or every other day and space them out instead of loading 10 in one day… you’d get more views that way and also not clog up someones feed. Just a suggestion.

  7. Unfortunately, in this video, Dr Becker does not offer any brand names or place to buy. Recommends 10 strains, 30-40 millions bacteria per serving and a product manufactured in a gmp (good manufacturing practices) .. Now that won't be easy to find that needle in a hay stack. Amazon offers over 100 of dog probiotics

  8. Thanks for this video. I take probiotics myself. Is there any reason I could not give my cat some of the probiotics from the capsules I already have or are strains for pets different than for people? What amounts should be given to pets? My 10lb cat for example?
    I wonder since all probiotics are very temperature sensative, even if GMP certified, how can any of them be viable by the time they are shipped to the retail storewhere in transit and wharehouse storage there is no temperature regulation and those environments are regularly over 100 deg in hot months?

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