Do vegans require a DHA supplement?: Dr Tim Radak

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While Dr. Radak is not able to respond to youtube questions (when able VeganLinked may be able to respond to some comments), you can view the presentation, which has also been updated with 102 additional studies here:

For those interested in Omega 3, diet and lifestyle factors influencing brain health, Dr Radak covers this in greater detail here:

Tim Radak, RDN, DrPH, MPH Academic Coordinator for DrPH and PhD

Public Health Programs, Core Faculty
College of Health Sciences Walden University

Dr. Radak, video by Vegan Linked, at the 2019 National Vegetarian Society 45th annual conference at University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, PA. Dr. Radak covers “Essential Fatty Acids: Recommendations for Plant Based Diets – Do vegans and vegetarians require a DHA supplement?”.


  1. There is an error at 54:25. Flax seeds have a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids than chia seeds have, and the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids is greater in flax seeds than it is in chia seeds. The speaker might have confused the two or read their nutritional facts incorrectly.

  2. Stop it with this bs, we ONLY need B12, the DHA/EPA/Choline rubbish originated from Anti Vegans and ‘Carnivores’, in a desperate attempt at discredimg the Vegan diet. NOW Vegan youtube channels are pushing this Anti Vegan bs!

  3. I think for most people, the vast majority, proof is in the puding (i think it is said in that way), there thousands of people who hates fish and all kind of sea food and they are healthy at least till their 40s or 50s with no signs of dha or EPA deficiency. And most of them eat a high fat diet.

  4. I tried the vegan diet twice and I was malnourished as hell. There's no way you can be truly healthy on plant protien alone. Not saying to eat all meat but just a variety of things minus processed foods.

  5. I started throwing a spoonful of flaxseed meal in my oatmeal everyday and my testes started to ache. This went on for months before I made the connection and stopped the flax and my nutpain was gone in about a month. I made the connection when I read about how too much flax can be bad for your balls. Just hempseed, walnuts, chia seeds, seaweed, and dark green leafy vegetables from now on!

  6. Question, do we simply assume that the German study knew what they were doing, or do we simply ask them, did they know the sunflower oil contains Omega 6? Do they know that Omega 6 lowers lysine in people's bodies? Do they know that Omega 6 increases inflammation in the body? Do they train these scientists that type of information? As far as I am concerned there are a bunch of horses that have blinders who specializing in one route instead of a "consilience" between disciplines. Likewise, the speaker thereof, had he the gumption to ask the above before implying purposeful fudging of the study done in Germany.

  7. I desperately need to see a Radak vs Goldner debate on omega 3s. She seems to be claiming extreme benefits and that it doesn't even slow weight loss. Any input?

  8. I’ve always been suspicious about Chia seeds because nobody else has said to grind them! I just ground my chia seeds and it makes so much more sense to me now. Thank you! 🙏🏼🌱💪🏼

  9. Glad to get this information as I was worried I needed to supplement as a vegan. I add two or three tablespoons of ground flax seed to my oatmeal daily and sometimes have walnuts on salads but that is it for omega 3 fats. Nice to know that those sources should be enough. Stay calm and carry on as a whole food plant based vegan.

  10. Great presentation! Wonderful to find this video as I do a presentation on this topic that is very much in line with what you are saying. Also nice to see you presenting the Ahiflower study (18:18) showing greater fluid intelligence and greater brain matter volume. I was the first to bring Ahiflower to the marketplace. I am a 36yr Vegan and have reviewing the research, waiting for this information to surface. The "Omnivore Assumptions" were wrong about protein/EAA's, EFA's and the microbiome research is making it even overwhelmingly clear that the physiological design of humans is for a plant exclusive diet for optimal health.
    New radio-isotope tracing study scheduled to be published later this year should definitively put an end to the assumption that humans need exogenous preformed Omegas, and that they are only disrupters of an endogenously epigenetically regulated system that cause imbalances that can lead to health impairment.
    Thank you for this brilliant and much needed presentation!
    I would be honored for any feedback on my presentation in the goal of getting the most complete and accurate information out to the public.

  11. You talk so long but the bottomline is the conversion of vegan sources of Omega-3 is shit, what's worse they are extremely low in EPA and DHA. 😂 😂

  12. Oh pls Vegans were having healthy babies in the 40’s before even B12 had been discovered!. And there are healthy 3rd generation Vegans of those founders of the Vegan Society.

  13. fish convert ALA so why humans cant this is the orgin of DHA and EPA , i made experiment and for a week was eating only fish as main meal and next week yogurt with lots of chia and flax and results were very similar , i believe convertion is far higher

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