Do vegans require a DHA supplement?: Dr Tim Radak

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While Dr. Radak is not able to respond to youtube questions (when able VeganLinked may be able to respond to some comments), you can view the presentation, which has also been updated with 102 additional studies here:

For those interested in Omega 3, diet and lifestyle factors influencing brain health, Dr Radak covers this in greater detail here:

Tim Radak, RDN, DrPH, MPH Academic Coordinator for DrPH and PhD

Public Health Programs, Core Faculty
College of Health Sciences Walden University

Dr. Radak, video by Vegan Linked, at the 2019 National Vegetarian Society 45th annual conference at University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, PA. Dr. Radak covers “Essential Fatty Acids: Recommendations for Plant Based Diets – Do vegans and vegetarians require a DHA supplement?”.