1. If I don't take electrolytes, I feel exhausted. If I do take electrolytes, I feel terribly bloated and puffy.

  2. I did Keto for months and my hydration levels were terrible. I’m a heavy sweater so that, along with pissing 20 times a day, I became severely dehydrated. I put salt in my water, tried electrolyte supplements, dietary additions (extra vegetables) and nothing helped. I began experiencing arrhythmia so and chest pressure/pain. I probably sweat 3-5 lbs during a HIIT workout or run, so the keto diet was not for me unfortunately. Which sucks because I had a consistent energy level and was getting good sleep.

  3. No offence but I think this video would have been improved if you’d used a script rather than free styling.

  4. Firstly It works and feels like magic! the flavor is amazing!!! I would eat this dry! (I have, too) 😂 https://amzn.to/37oD9Y8
    Secondly, it has the same ingredients as Dr Bergs electrolyte powder but this has more servings and a few dollars less. It makes me feel great on keto and makes me feel confident I’m getting what I need! You can try as well…Keto K1000 Electrolyte Powder

  5. But if I add salt to my meals (meat, salads, etc.), am I not getting enough sodium? How much salt is too little, and how much salt is too much? Do we need a sodium-o-meter?

  6. I've got one kidney due to RCC radical nephrectomy, I've been doing the carnivore diet for about a week and now I'm afraid. 63 female. Please let me know what I should be taking please?

  7. It is not water in your body but different fluids.
    Stop saying you lose water .
    Do not take my word for it check out for your selves.

  8. I find I have potassium trouble if I go carnivore, but if I mix in an avocado, I'm okay.

    PS: I do supplement magnesium malate, but I find potassium supplements too inconsequential.

  9. How can a carnivore diet put you into ketosis since meat causes insulin to be released? I am thinking nobody is actually in ketosis.

  10. Mark, ever since I've gone Primal/low-carb, I've been getting very painful cramps in my calves, to the point where it wakes me up at night. Do you think that is an electrolyte issue as well?

  11. Keto is still a thing?? Why do Japanese live the longest and eat a bunch of carbs? Okinawans have the oldest people in japan and 80% of their calories come from sweet potatoes.

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