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Let go of the overthinking, overactive mind and enjoy a healing, restful, deep sleep tonight. Whether your thoughts are in the past or the future, an overthinking mind can bring turmoil to your world and even in sleep. Tonight, release these feelings, calm the overactive mind and experience peace in this present moment. I will guide you to focus on the present moment, let go of worries about the past and anxieties about the future, and then relax your mind and body for a powerfully deep night’s sleep.

For a powerful experience to help calm the overactive, overthinking mind, this sleep meditation can be paired with this practice for the morning:

Meditation was written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Adrift with Delta waves by Christopher Lloyd Clark licensed by Enlighten Audio

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Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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  2. I love this meditation and it really sends me off to sleep but I wish the body scan included the shoulders as that's the place I really need to relax. I always add it in myself.

  3. Will negative thought will also go with this please tell me . I am feeling heavy but I need to know what if I sleep with negative thoughts and honestly when I type this you suddenly spoke of the thoughts and I feel that what I start feeling sensation in part and I notice that you are talking the same after one seconds

  4. My therapist recommended me this video, because I told her my thoughts get too loud at night and for the first time, I actually got some real sleep

  5. This Deep Sleep Meditation to Calm an Overactive Mind can really reduce stress and help you heal. Thanks 🙏

  6. Same here this is fantastic, so calming. Had an incredible sleep and feeling so calm. Definitely a go to for night. Love love love your voice <3

  7. I found your video a few days ago and I love it. Listening to this before bed works better than melatonin. Usually within 5 minutes I am asleep and I get some deep sleep. Thank you for this.

  8. I find myself coming back to this meditation again and again, whenever I'm struggling to sleep. Works like magic, thank you so much for this video I am so very grateful ♡

  9. Video made in hell by satan. God stopoed me from see and hearing this and said it is from satan not see it

  10. I have a lot of anxiety, worry, fear, fear, pain. Negative thoughts. I go to the primary doctor, the gynecologist and the cardiologist and the neurologist and they have done tests and checked me and they tell me that I have nothing that I am well thank God. But I am still anxious and panicky of thinking ugly things and that makes me desperate. I put everything in God's hands and I don't want to feel this way anymore. I get dizzy, tachycardia, chest and head pain, chills, numbness, the parts of my body bother me when it is not one place is another, I touch myself and feel things and thank God all the tests turned out well and I am in perfect condition health but I do not know what is happening I feel distressed 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. I am deeply grateful to you for your beautiful, effective sleep meditations. This is my favourite one for the "mind chatter" I experienced at night which kept me awake. It calmed everything down, and allowed me to fall asleep again peacefully. You are both a blessing. Thank you!

  12. I wish today my wish comtruew and I be healthy livein this world and sleep good .live healthy .I'm going sleep good night .


  14. Hi my dear friend, i am from Malaysia. Thank you very much that you are God send angel to me last night to help me to sleep. Orelse i am going to suffer the 2nd day without sleep. I subsscribed your channel and will inform to my family to do the same. Take care

  15. You know she can talk her husband into anything , lol works on me and I don’t even know her lol

  16. The pandemic and the hate the world is in I’m sure effected many , and I hope all those still fighting to get back to a normal calm state find it and rest in it and wake in it ! 🙏🏾

  17. It was working so well as your voice got softer, but I have this problem with following the sleep and instead fighting it, my heart rate jumps through the roof and it gets so uncomfortable. I've gone 3 days with no sleep 😭

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