David Sinclair Supplement Stack & Health Protocol

Dr. David Sinclair shares his current health, diet, fitness & supplement protocol for 2021. He’s added in some new supplements, shares his fitness routine and his dietary intake. MORE⤵
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Dr. David Sinclair’s Interview on the Modern Wisdom Podcast:

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  1. can anyone name the one youtube video botox boy has NOT appeared on? give it a rest Sinclair. Your story is getting a little TIRED. Hopefully it never makes it into old age.

  2. Love David. Been following him for years but I don’t get the feeling that he knows a whole lot about diet.

  3. Im surprised he doesnt take omega 3? Does nobody do that? I mean its a essential fatty acid right that the body cant reproduce that we mainly get from algae and fish in the ocean? Here in northern europe almost all the salmon they sell in stores are farmed salmon which is toxic and a bad source of omega 3 so i take it in supplements but i dont know if it works or not was hoping to get an answer from David.

  4. I have hashimotos and eating less for me is really hard. I usually just steam vegetables. I have to eat or fatigue plagues me😕

  5. It's great that Dr. Sinclair is doing all this, but enjoying food is one of the best parts of life. Otherwise, whats the point??? Ask the Italians and French.

  6. I am very proud of what You have accomplished and what You still have to accomplish and to me having done something similar as You have, one thing I was able to accomplish is leaving any and all pills and started using all natural dietary supplements like cbd instead of any pills. Once You research and try, You will not have to ever worry about inflammation or blood circulation. I been making My own and can teach You aswell if You ever wanna learn.

  7. We need animal proteinsl!
    You need to be able to cook/feed yourself.
    Any lessening of food intake will stuff you up!
    The digestive system will let you know that you are staying yourself.
    Getting constipated is nature's revenge.
    Three light meals a day is the tried and tested way to nurture/nurture your body.
    I have never dieted in my life.
    I have never been much of a sweet person.
    No sweets, bread, cake etc.
    No alcohol.
    No skipping any of my three meals a day.

  8. Every time I watch a David Sinclair video it never fails to shock me how much his SKIN IS GLOWING. Like maybe the mans uses hair dye but his skin looks better than any a-list celebrity and he doesn't wear makeup and I doubt he uses expensive skincare. THE SKIN DOESNT LIE

  9. David's answer to what he normally eats was embarrassing in my opinion. It's almost as if he's afraid to say what he eats because he's worried that it'll be deemed unhealthy in the future. But if he doesn't actually know what humans should and shouldn't eat then he should stop pretending that he knows. I mean he takes a statin which is toxic….

  10. DS claims to fast for 22 hours / day. He probably needs 2k calories to maintain weight. If he is getting 2000 calories by nibbling on veggies for 2 hours… hmm that is not really adding up. I think he is being evasive about his food intake. If you limit intake to 2 hrs, how many times can you refill your stomach during that time. I do want to believe the harvard prof about the other protocols for anti-aging, but the fountain of youth has been an easy sell for a long time now. So please DS, be specific about what you eat at home, and when. And if you do go out to eat a lot, what do you typically do for those meals too?

  11. Would you like to include such sound "weird" for western civilization ingredients into your diet as Manuka honey ( high MGO), bee propolis in form of extract, beaver castoreum extract, maral velvet antlers extract, Shilajit, ginseng powder, Siberian cedar sap ole-blend ? I know such components for daily consumption sound almost crazy but they work for centuries for those folks who invented such consumption. What do you think about American society (consumers) acceptance in exchange for extra couple years to live in healthy body and clear mind?

  12. Dr David, have you tested the cognitive benefits your current stack gives? I am curious about that… As in neuroplasticity, neurogenesis etc

  13. Jesus. Sounds like this guy is living of 500-600 calories a day. No wonder he doesn’t sleep that well

  14. lies as hell , he eat a lot because he isnt skinny and he eat at morning why BS people , either he do omad or not but do not BS people like i do dat and dat if its just for showcase how it suppose to be and it isnt , i respect him and his research , he look great for a 60 years old almost BUT , telling people that even a gram of sugar which is pure death is a JOY in life thats over the line , NO SUGAR till the end of time , find some substitute . be honest david you eat sugar and cant fast thats ok because you ahve your Pills but dont lie

  15. Horrible diet n digestion, if you can not digest meat n only can eat small amount of veggies then something wrong with you, he is literally eating himself. Weak frame etc. No one needs longevity supplements to look like this just starve yourself cause thts exactly wht he is doing, you think he is breathing in bioavailable nutrients the body needs 😂

  16. I think his protocol is worth trying if you are making radical changes to your lifestyle. I have noticed that since doing IF, I don’t crave food that often. But, I have dessert – it’s important for my longevity.

  17. Last year I decided to completely cut out sugary sweets and desserts and focus on plants, grass fed eggs and meat and a few fruits and after a few months I became completely uninterested in sweets or even sweet flavours and started craving bitter and sour flavours. Very strange how the brain adapted but it was life changing.

  18. Fascinating research! Though I wonder why will he eat cheese! I have heard milk products are associate with IGF-1, which responsible in part for giving strength to the Aging Devil!

  19. @AliveByScience This is a great summary tho it'd be nice to have a caveat/disclaimer to protect David's reputation so to speak. The amount of negative comments here is quite sad and they seem to all be based on ignorance (not having checked out the science nor understood Dr Sinclair's background – eg his mother's horribly slow painful death from lung cancer – and his extremely high accreditation with incredibly detailed research). Or just going off his appearance/lifestyle instead of realising that David is the equivalent of a peak endurance athlete in his field who is testing everything out on himself (and his 80 something year old Dad) and sharing groundbreaking research with us for free if it's something that we might like to consider to lengthen our lives and minimise degenerative diseases like arthritis, heart disease and so on. It's a shame people reject all his carefully researched info based on surface values and ignorance 🙁

  20. don't forget the botox injections and the hair dye to be put on the list! D Sinclair is a fraud and conning you all and making money from you. Even his data is not truthful, (those that know how to read the data and what to look for) hence why he is under fire. He never allows those with true knowledge to ask him the hard questions, it's only youtubers or half ass celebrities that don't have the knowledge. You'll all see when this fraud is eventually officially exposed!

  21. ‘ i know my body better than anyone else on the planet’
    Question: how many calories do you consume in a day?
    Answer: i don’t know

  22. If you are not on a plant based diet, you are defeating the benefits of what is being presented here, and I am a fan of Dr. Sinclair and his work. I take NMN and Resveratrol. Just my opinion based on my own research. Meat laden diets promote heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Do your own research.

  23. what if I want to be fit and gain muscle… can I eat my calories and protein in a 12 hour period then fast for the other 12 hour period ??

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