Costco Vitamin & Supplement Haul – What To Buy & Avoid

There are lots of vitamins and supplements at Costco, but you have to know how to read the labels and not waste your money. I love the collagen and turmeric at Costco, these are two supplements I firmly believe, buy when you starting looking at many of the others the ingredients are suspect. Good news is that I will teach you what to look for and you can apply this logic to almost and vitamins you are looking at. Mad love..Bobby, Dessi, Rose, and Art! XOXO

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  1. Yes, please make a list of ingredients to look out for. Awesome video, as usual, thanks for all of your work!

  2. Basically the same thing again and again: avoid sugar, preservatives, and GMO. But never any depth of knowledge about the product in question. Like for example, DHA/EPA ratio of Omega-3s in fish oil. Nothing about Omega-3 vs Omega-6 ratios. Where in the fish food chain the oil is derived from. There are some better YouTube recommendation videos out there.

  3. Undercover?! Costco should put you front and center in their commercials. I had to get a Costco membership just so I can get the products you approve. Keep up the great work Bobby.

  4. Bobby I'm not sure if you have acid reflux & i know you're not a doctor. Idk if you've done a review on it either. I'd like to know what would be a better way to control those types of things instead of using prescriptions & over the counter antacids???

  5. Thank you for all you do Bobby! Greatly appreciated! Curious as to why Costco in Canada does not have any high quality(grass fed) proteins and Collagens ? at least not here in Ontario…this would be great money maker for them- unfortunately they don't seem to see it that way


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  8. Do you know a place to buy healthy supplements that are not full of garbage. For people who need different types of supplements for ailments? Thanks.

  9. I just bought some of the Kirkland multivitamins online. The difference between Costco and everyone else is significant. More than I expected even.

  10. I disagree on the liquid iv. If you’re playing sports or working out, the sugar is necessary for energy. A lot of athletes use Gatorade for the sugar aspect and the energy boost. The dextrose is great for that. Look up intra workout shakes

  11. How is the Orgain simple organic plant protein powder? It’s the chocolate peanut butter cup one. I think it’s okay except for natural flavors. Thanks!

  12. What is confusing is that you say to stick with 100% grass fed / pasture raised collagen because everything else is bovine GMO…. but then you say you love the Vital Proteins Collagen Water that is NOT organic/grass fed/pasture raised but is BOVINE (which you said is GMO)??? Can you clarify?

  13. Where do you get your sweaters? I like them. They look comfy and no brand labels across the chest or all over

  14. I really enjoyed this video! Maybe a future video topic: EPA & DHA in Fish Oil supplements and their benefits.

  15. I have tried PROBASE SPORTS NUTRITION COLLAGEN PEPTIDES POWDER for the first time two months ago and I have to say it beats most other collagen peptides powders I have tried. It is 100% Grass-Fed, UL third-party certified, has no taste, smell or sweeteners in it, and is 100% Collagen Peptides. I used to get some minor stomach pains with other brands, not with this one. If you are looking for a clean and extremely soluble collagen peptides powder, then I am highly recommending Probase Sports Nutrition Collagen. I bought mine on their website at PROBASENUTRITION DOT NET, although I believe you can also buy it online at WALMART AND EBAY. Best premium collagen peptides powder hands down.

  16. Bet u Bobby is isnt aware of the Kirkland lawsuit on that fish oil. It was tested by 2 independent labs that says it doesn't have the ingredients on the bottle. Would you recommend any other fish oil brands?

  17. Can you recommend a vitamin for "Hair, nail & skin"? I remember you said to avoid gummies vitamins due to the sugar coating.

  18. Bobby, what is a good garlic supplement to take to help with high blood pressure? Thank you for any information.

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