Coronavirus: Kids and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Explaining the COVID-19 novel coronavirus to children can be a challenge. Dr. Breanna Winder-Patel, a clinical psychologist at the world-renowned UC Davis MIND Institute, answers questions about guiding kids through this difficult situation, including those with neurodevelopmental differences, and explains how to understand and manage their stress and anxiety. This was recorded before mandatory masking was implemented.

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0:00 Introduction
1:11 Causes of anxiety during COVID
2:32 Explaining coronavirus to kids
5:15 Setting daily routines with kids at home
7:45 Challenges for children with neurodevelopmental disorders
10:34 Supporting kids when they are scared
15:08 Autism and coronavirus fears
17:15 When should someone see a doctor for anxiety?
18:40 Video visits and telehealth
21:15 Resources for families
25:50 Successful schooling at home
27:03 The importance of flexibility

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  1. Thank you very much. This is so helpful. I run fitness/ self development sessions in schools and so sad to even think about the negative effect CO19 has caused.

  2. The ocd is bad I had it in 2018 and my selfishness back fired badly one day it’ll backfire to the ones who had anxiety just thank about your immune system and how strong it is

  3. Oh yes ,yes, pfft. I see my 5 year olds watching Disney, and dreaming about Prince Charming, gong camping, going to the ball, wicked witches, music videos, and their lives are in lockdown, thir parents are struggling to pay rent, their kids cant have friends, they have to stay home and clean the house, there is no backyard, nowhere to wear the pretty dress, they dont understand and they are stressed, they want tp play.

  4. As the coronavirus pandemic rapidly sweeps across the world, it is inducing a considerable degree of fear, worry and concern in the population at large and among certain groups in particular, such as older adults, care providers and people with underlying health conditions.

  5. my family cope with covid- 19 but there was this one month when the cases kind of got worse. they did get really anxious they did not want to go outside, see family , and not able to the store to get necessary things we needed but this video explained a lot about that. Thank you

  6. Arrrg! My children's picture book is blocked by KDP because it is supposedly, "misleading". It's a cute story about a talking face mask…So, technically, yeah, inaccurate. Face masks of any kind do not actually smile, exercise, have dreams or wish children well…I wrote it for my own kids and think it's very positive and light. Any advice on how to get my picture book approved would be wonderful. I posted a video of the book on youtube so you can review it yourself:

  7. After coved19 Two weeks back i found my breathing is not normal I am scared of having covid19 . Now it's been One month it's the same slightly different in breathing ! Is it's a anxiety and can it last this long ? Please help form India

  8. Thank you so much for this video. My son is 6 and has had a daily tummy ache. I know it is due to all the changes but he doesnt understand that. This video is very helpful. Thank you and keep safe 🙏

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