Cesar Explains How To Fix Separation Anxiety With Your Dog

Have you been dealing with separation anxiety with your dog and are not sure how to deal with the problem? This is a major issue in 2020 especially with how many of us, if not all have been stuck at home, but soon will be out of the house more. What does this mean for our pets especially dogs?

Watch this video on what this mean and how to fix separation anxiety with your dog explained by Cesar Millan. Cesar goes over the issues that may cause separation anxiety and how to fix it. Throughout the video, you will learn how to address this problem through visual training demos by Cesar.

Did you know Cesar and the team are listening to your comments and requests. What that means is Cesar is always creating more dog training tips and content based on what you want, so don’t forget to comment and share. One thing to understand is that Cesar trains humans and it’s important to start with yourself before assuming it is only a dog problem. Let’s work together to connect the problems and solve.


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  1. How would i go if i have 2 dogs that I’m trying to train on this BUT have developed a food fixation. example: excessive loud whining, excessive drooling, eyes focused on the treats. not on me, jumping on me sometimes or barking. And the longer i prolong feeding them the treats the behavior escalades more. So then i have to completely remove the treats and can’t train, which means everything has been getting worse with time.

    Please help! I’m a single bartender (crazy long hours, unstable schedule ) with 2 pit bulls. I trained them well both had basic commands and they were never anxious over food, until i had to get roommates (lots of baby talk and giving in on what the dogs want) now they both lost training commands. I feel now that they each feed of other’s anxiety and i ended up with this avalanche of bad behaviors.

  2. I had to leave my dog home to get food. And i come back to a pile of diarrhea all over the house because she has separation anxiety.

  3. I work from home and spend all my time with my GSD. No wife no kids. Great life. If you plan on leaving a dog alone 8-10 hours per day, you shouldn’t have one!!! They are not an Xbox. They have feelings and needs too.

  4. Our rescued dog has tremendous anxiety and although crate trained – has trouble staying in the crate during the day or when we need to run a short errand. We've been taking her to training classes over the past year and she's made tremendous progress. She loves to play and chase tennis balls (but never returns them!) and has to have her morning workout with them, displaying anxious behavior until we give here a task (chasing). She is very challenging to calm (even though we are*) and needs a lot of attention. She is very sweet and treat motivate, she is smart and takes to training – and many times has a mind of her own. The rescue organization felt this dog could *never be off leash — but we have adopted her and she is in our pack now! She won't run off even if she's off leash (unless there are birds/squirrel/cats). Thanks for the video – gives us more tools for training!

  5. I have a 4 month old toy poodle approximately 5lb.She follows me everywhere even in the kitchen when I'm cooking.I am so afraid I will trip over her & hurt her.Please help me stop this behavior.

  6. I need help. My Amstaff has separation anxiety badly. My wife and I live on our semi. Any time we leave him alone in the truck, when we come back to the truck and he has peed or pooped on our bed, he destroies anything he can

  7. My Siberian husky follows me everywhere sometimes he takes off if I don't walk him they just need to burn energy, he always comes back. The husky is highly energetic so if your a lazy person and not active the husky is not the dog for you.

  8. Hi! I got a 1 year old Rottweiler who sticks to me like super glue. But when it comes to the car, it is a different story. He jumps in and is eager, but as soon as I close the door, he goes ballistic and jumps out, before I have the opportunity to close the door. And that was it. How do I get him used to the car, that the car takes him to the beach, the forest, and we always come back. I have tried treats, feeding him in the car, for 3 months now….and no progress…..Help??

  9. Caesar Milan. I have a dog named Sarah. She whines sometimes when she’s in my bedroom or inside the kennel outside. It’s very hard for me to ignore her whining. I try to tell her to stop or give her a warning that if she doesn’t stop, she’s going to face consequences. But she treats me like “I don’t need to listen to you.” and she just continues whining. How can I get her to stop?

  10. My dog is 9 months old I have never left him alone . I can not go out he will cry and howl , even of I leave him in the hall way he will either destroy my house or piss and shit everywhere. And yes I take him out 3 to 4 times a day he goes for 3 hour walks some times 6 hours and when we go hiking 8 hours once 9 hours and he never shuts of . Qlways winging and now he's taken to biting me and the boys when I go to grab hid collar to move him out of my room . He thinks he can jump on sofa or on my bed I can't sleep I can't go out . My whole life revolves around him . And if he don't get his own way he piss or shit or rip stuff up. He's ripped up four of his beds . I had to turn my door handles upside down so he can't open the doors.
    I'm loosing it I love him but he's always up my fucking ass hole .
    Covid as nothing to do with it cos I've never stopped taking him out during lock down. Also he's so naughty always jping up on people and acting like a crazy dog
    I don't want get rid of him but I need sleep and I need live my life for my children not for him alone. He's suppose be a guard dog .

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