Cartman’s Anxiety Ruins Everything – South Park

Cartman’s anxiety is ruining everybody else’s good time at the water park, and Kyle is sick of it.

About South Park:
It’s hard being a kid growing up in South Park, Colorado, what with all the insane adults, deranged celebrities and the occasional talking turd. But somehow, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny manage to have themselves a time.

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  1. I've seen people like this at conventions, where they'll announce they have anxiety over a mic in a large crowd. It's like, yeaaaah…I dont think you do~

  2. Too true, I had to cut ties with an old friend once because they were EXACTLY like this. Same thing with depression, they thought they were the only one in the world who felt that way and being around them was just miserable.

  3. 1:10 I love how Kyle went from angry to regretting his actions once he realized he gave cartman an idea. Sometimes avoidance or not saying anything is to best solution in conflict. Not always but only when necessary.

  4. This is unrealistic!! An anxious person would never yell off the top of the water slide to the rest of the park

  5. Why isn’t Kenny at the water park??? Is it because he’s poor or he’s dead????

    Matt&Trey: Yes

  6. You can kinda tell who has a serious mental disorder and whose just exaggerating normal issues we all have

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