1. again whats wrong with natural supplyments which the body recognizes and helps the body heal it self instead of corrupted dirty for profit pharma drugs that don't work and has all kinds of side
    affect da!

  2. Why is he always twitching his facial muscles, and what's all that blinking about? This guy must be on some heavy duty neurological drugs!

  3. damn Liberal Media. the dig dig dig until they get you.. shame on you Evil Media. How dare you try to expose the true color of a guy that wants to be president!!

  4. Dr. Ben Carson has stopped the incessant blinking, but still looks like he is "taking a small nap"  between questions.  He waves his hands  (also incessantly) and should stop that.

  5. Ben Carson has some strange policies

    – Regulating college professors for "Liberal Bias"
    – Over turning Row v Wade
    – Regulating debate moderators
    – Bible Tax policy

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