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If you want to support the health of your joints, your gut, just generally your body, start taking the number one supplement I’ve recommended for years and the number one supplement I take myself in Bone Broth Protein.

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Ancient Nutrition leverages the wisdom and principles from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Herbalism and marries them with current research to provide products that are rooted in tradition and supported by science.
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  1. Great information Dr. Axe thank you for sharing and helping us. I have a question: Does bone broth can be consumed by children? I am talking about 7 years old. Thank you

  2. Ive been taught that with enough amino acids humaans will make adequete protien if nutrition ie complete ie vitamins minerals fiber fat etc. I do find glucosamine chondroitin msm works for joint pain

    My personal opinion though is that with adequete building blocks ie the collagen amino acids and exercise to limit increased system entropy and limiting sun exposure, you pretty much have done the most important thing. Any time your short of protien and calories, any protien supplement gets coverted to glucose. So untill you go anabolic ie with nutrition load and exercise any protien taken is is ( most) gonna covert to glucose. If you say run 50 miles a week at 200# you take in 5500 cal a day to maintain weight. Unless im on say 250 grams protien a day, im gonna shrink. Soooooo, practically one living life right as i do could never afford to consume nutrition isolates in adequete quantities. Teaching point though is without a anabolic trend, i dont feel the radio labled studies would show appreciable assimilation of nittogen in said tissues. Radiolabled studies would be required to determine efficacy

  3. Best choice I made is adding your multi collagen and vanilla bone broth protein into my blueberry smoothie every morning! I feel more energized durning the day. This also helped big time with my leaky gut problem I had for a while. Thank you dr. for this amazing product

  4. Thanks for all the free info you give. So should I say if I am taking bone broth, I don’t need to take another collagen supplement?

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