blackbear – anxiety ft. FRND (Official Music Video)

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Music video by blackbear performing anxiety. (C) 2017 Beartrap, LLC under exclusive license to Interscope Records


  1. This song hit h are to me and to most people are gonna say I’m strange for this but there has been stuff with my ex and then I found this song and 😮‍💨 it hits hard I mean it get to my heart and emotionally

  2. Mental Exercise: The instant cure for anxiety is to understand the fact that there are infinite amount of possible outcomes in this universe and our brain only thinks of a handful . A bad outcome can become the means of a good outcome in the future. Just like that a good outcome can become the means of a bad outcome. For example, you lost your job (bad thing). But then you got a new job which is better ( bad thing led to a good outcome.) It's an endless cycle. So just go with the flow and don't think about it . 😄 Goodluck.

  3. i gotta be honest song had massive potential to be one of my favorite i just dont like how he did the beat drop rest of it is absolute fire tho

  4. Me: gets anxiety

    Mum: its that damn phone!!!

    Also my mum: has her phone on full brightness calling people all the time and DOING THOSE DAMN BILLS

  5. The people that disliked this song should get their covid test, because one of the main symptoms is no taste

  6. But the question on everyone's mind is that do you really have anxiety when you say you do or do you just lie? Say talk to absolute when he said he has had anxiety 86 time someone said that they have had anxiety 87 time and absolute say that Imposs because it just not possible for someone to have more anxiety then the absolute 5 year late later absolute become the king of the anxiety but then later someone say they also king of anxiety and absolute say imposs because it just not possible but then none of them are king of anxiety and real king of anxiety is anxiety itself but not only is it the king but it is also the queen too so which one is anxiety well anxiety is the real one and not the fake since real anxiety is fake while true anxiety is real truth and that why real Anxiety is real itself

  7. I still can't believe even though I have been alive for many years I still didn't know what anxiety is I mean I usually end up asking other people about a bunch of stuff and everyone I know basically knows it but somehow I have no idea so they end up telling me about it I mean it literally took from middle school to high school to even learn what they were seriously though I mean there is still a bunch of stuff I don't know to be honest the only things I know are the things people told me honestly it's shocking that they know so much about it while I know nothing at all well not nothing just not as much as them

  8. Before you ignore this, remember that everyone started from somewhere. Hello I'm Khari, I'm a lover of all Bossa Nova, Hiphop, Rock, and the beautiful jazz. I made a track called with an amazing up, and coming singer named Sheena  "Think of you" . For years I wanted to be a musician but fear always made me say "My time is too late, I missed my shot" so at 26 I became fed up with the day to day, moved to rural japan  and started putting out music. This song is a bit similar to Michael Buble's "I just haven't met you yet". Touching on topics like safeguarding your heart, and imaginary love.  I would be so grateful if you all could listen to me. Oh, I also created a new genre Hip-hop + City Pop #CityHiphop.

  9. Me:I can't eat I can't sleep you give me you give me anxiety




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