Best supplements to improve your sex drive

Having a low sex drive is an issue that many people will experience as research shows that between 30-50 percent of people will go through a moment of low sex drive at some point in their life. It can be caused by a variety of reasons, maybe hormonal changes, low energy, stress, alcohol, drugs and many more. Witnessing a low sex drive first hand can be unsettling and most of the time confusing for many, BUT, introducing supplements may help to change gear and improve your sex drive. Nutritionist Rick Hay reveals his favourites and explains how they can help to boost your sex drive.


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  5. My recipe works for me; Take 4 tablespoons a day disolved/blended in milk/water. Milk easier on stomach. Only take after food, followed by a big glass of water. The garlic/ginger can be a bit hard on the stomach. I drink fresh orange juice at the same time to help hide the taste. I make 800grams in a mix. Lasts 3 or 4 weeks at 4 tablespoons a day. Here it is;

    Onion Powder 104grams
    Ginger Powder 104grams
    Garlic Powder 176grams
    Citrulline Powder 120grams
    Beetroot Powder 176grams
    Maca Powder 120grams

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