Best Supplements Stack From ₹ 150 – ₹ 4500

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Budget wise supplements stack:

INR 150 / Month
1) Vitamin D

INR 2000 / Month
1) Biozyme Performance:
2) Multivitamin
3) Vitamin D

INR 1500/ Month
1) Fuel One Whey:
2) Multivitamin
3) Vitamin D

INR 2500/ Month
1) Biozyme Performance:
2) Multivitamin
3) Vitamin D
4) Fish Oil Gold

INR 3000/ Month
1) Biozyme Performance:
2) Multivitamin
3) Vitamin D
4) Fish Oil Gold
5) Creatine
6) Ashwagandha

INR 4500/ Month
1) Biozyme Performance
2) Multivitamin
3) Vitamin D
4) Fish Oil Gold
5) Creatine
6) Ashwagandha
7) Pre Workout
8) Vitamin C

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In this video, “Best Supplements Stack From ₹ 150 – ₹ 4500” Yash Sharma shares his Supplement Stack which he uses to build muscle and enhance his performance during workout!
He also talks about different categories of Supplements to give a complete view of which supplements should be used for different purposes and goals. Base Supplements are those supplements that can be used by most individuals like Whey Protein Powder which can help you hit your daily protein requirement. Vitamin D is a very essential nutrient for your body and should be used by every individual as it helps to regulate the immune system and the neuromuscular system. Vitamin D also plays a major role in the life cycle of human cells and helps in building stronger bones!

Then there are some supplements that are used by Athletes who look for maximum performance like Creatine, Pre Workout, etc. which gives them the extra boost in Strength and Mental Focus.

Whether you are a person who just wants to stay fit or you are someone who is a Strength Athlete, this is the only video you will need to understand which Supplement is best for you according to your Fitness Goals and your Budget!

And also I would like to add, Supplements are just add-ons to your healthy balanced diet to give you that extra boost in performance. You can’t replace a healthy meal with a Supplement. So always remember to keep your Macros on point with your diet.
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Yash Sharma is a former state-level footballer. Now a Fitness- Coach, Author & YouTuber.
He has 8 years of experience in strength training and transformed over 100 clients. He aims to educate people about fitness and help them achieve their best version. Yash Sharma Body Transformation has inspired lakhs of people to work on themselves, work hard, and achieve their goals. This channel aims to provide you with the best exercise science knowledge combined with actionable Yash Sharma Motivation.


  1. Yash, i have purchased all the Suppliments you have mentioned as I’m doing lifting from past 8-9 years. On and off.
    Kindly tell the timings to take these Suppliments.

  2. Please sir many youngstars follows you! Please don't promote this 🙏…. we truly like you and you inspire us!

  3. Hi big brother.. Can you please make a video about the right time to consume all the supplement respectively. That will help us very much ..☺️

  4. Radhe Radhe Sar.
    Bigners ke liye Whight&Mass Gainer lena jruri h, agr jaruri hai to kitne time tk liya jana seaf hai, or iski Sef serving size kitni honi chahiye. Pls sar bataiye
    My high 6 feet my cureent wight 70kg.

  5. This video was very very very helpful and i only want know that the specific time to take some of the suppliment

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