BEST SUPPLEMENT SELLERS |WHOLESALE & RETAIL | Fake supplement seller's Exposed BY The Protein Store

BEST SUPPLEMENT SELLERS |WHOLESALE & RETAIL | Fake supplement seller’s Exposed BY The Protein Store |THENU VIEWS

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Shop Address : Nutri Beast Supplement
No,2 .Appavoo Garmani Street
CHENNAI 600005

Contact Number : 9094160561

My Instagram id :

BEST SUPPLEMENT SELLERS |WHOLESALE & RETAIL | Fake supplement seller’s Exposed BY The Protein Store


  1. I visited this store after seeing reviews on YouTube He explained me about each and every product which I asked him he is not money minded moreover he is a good human

  2. Genuine products thana ana money waste no results Nala costly product tha avaga recommend panaga ana 0% results waste

  3. I was asking for steroids he requested me not to use steroids he care for my family I changed my mind such a nice person all won’t be like this person everyone will do any thing to earn money will look to sale all products but this guy is different from all I asked him my budget is 10000 even though I said my budget he just smiled and said me brother u just take whey Protien multivitamin and fish oil if u want u can buy either bcaa or pre-workout after that I purchased as per his suggestion whey multivitamin and fish oil it cost me 7400/- if i would have went to other place they would have made me purchase for all 10000/- I respect mr .bilal for his care towards me and his customers definitely will recommend my friends to this store blindly 💪🏻

  4. If he don’t have that products which we ask he don’t force us for other products for money sake he says it’s good product u can try with authentic importer he is such a good person he explains everything clearly

  5. I'm out of Chennai customer.i already bought supplement from him.he courier the product to me in safe manner. the way he treat the customer is very friendly and his product also very genuine he give lot of ideas and diet plan.. moreover trust worthy person ..

  6. Had a great experience with this shop after seeing reviews on YouTube and Google reviews I visited this shop bilal is just a wonderful person by the way he attend all his customers very calmly and give all details few customers wants to meet him personally in-front of me first he cleared all my doubts and gave me best products till that they were waiting it shows how much they believe this person I think agent I came out they have cleared all doubts anyway I m satisfied with this products as well his customers service

  7. Actually I m a diabetic patient I visited him for weight gain and muscle gain he is such a gentleman he explained me everything not even a doctors will do that what all issues I am facing he cleared everything and I asked him for supplements he guided me to start with half kg of whey protein zero sugar he said let ur metabolism accept this then u can buy bigger if it not accept y to waste money it will be ur hard earn money he said this with this itself we can able to find his character and the way he is grown up I need to salute his parents for growing up this kind of gentleman really thanks brother for ur support

  8. Hi I am Raju from Tirupati I visited this anna shop yesterday he helped in reaching his shop I traveled in train he picked me from railway station to his shop such a nice person with 0% attitude he gave best product explained everything about diet and products thanks brother I will refer you to my friends 💪🏻

  9. Thanks alot bro I gained 8kgs with ur diet and support I will refer you to my gym-mates💪🏻

  10. Thanks alot bro I gained 8kgs with ur diet and support I will refer you to my gym-mates💪🏻

  11. I had many doubts about bodybuilding he cleared everything no attitude like other bodybuilding good hearted person he may grow more

  12. He is very friendly and supportive to all I bought
    pole nutrition bcaa even for that he spent time in making diet and ideas 💙Being Human 💪🏻 He is example for good human being in this worlds

  13. To be frank after seeing the comments I visited this store I was very much satisfied the way of his explanation and care towards me I purchased ON mass gainer I had Many doubts he cleared me everything he gave me the best diet for muscle building and mass thanks Nutribeast Supplements and Mr.bilal for ur support and love ❤️

  14. This guy is has very good knowledge and he is not money minded he is not pushing products on customers he is giving what I require I asked him for many other products but he advised me not to waste money and take what is necessary for me all above he good human

  15. Brother I want your contact because I'm from pondicherry.. I want some clarification in my doubt .. And I want suplements in my budget.. So help me..

  16. I visited Nutribeast Supplements yesterday for purchasing supplement I reached this shop at 12.55pm he asked me to wait for 10min he went to his prayer and came back with smile and apologise for making me wait he is such a gentleman he is true to his lord and very genuine friendly to his customers really appreciated such a person in this generation May his lord support him in his growth 😇

  17. He gave me best muscle building diet for free not like other to charge for diet thanks bro 💙

  18. Bro yannoda age21. Weight52 Romba leean ah iruke Bro bulking aganum Bro which suppliment yadukanu Bro plzzz rly me Bro

  19. Bro gnc mass gainer 5kg irruka want original bro I got cheated in Amazon got fake product bro 😞

  20. He is the only person who showed invoice to customers really hats off no one will show that brother u r trust worthy 👍🏻

  21. Bro I gained 13kg in 40 days thanks for your suggestion , diet and support you help me a lot bro even at midnight u replied for my message thanks thanks thanks bro will never forget you in my life big treat is waiting for you after lockdown bro 💪🏻

  22. He is genuine I asked him for steroids but he explained me regarding its side effects and changed my mind he really amazing not money minded reasonable price with proper guidance and tips

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