Best Medicare Supplement Plans (2021)

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What are the “best” Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021? While there are no major Medicare Supplement Plan changes for 2021, today I’m reviewing what the top Medicare Supplement, or Medigap Plans are for the upcoming year.
In summary, Medicare Supplement Plan G is still an excellent choice, just as it has been in years past. This Plan G offers very comprehensive benefits, and you pay nothing out of pocket for medical and hospital services after you’ve met your small Part B deductible.
Plan N is another great choice. Medicare Supplement Plan N is lower is price than Plan G, and tends to get lower rate increases over time so this Medigap Plan can be a great value for someone who is looking to maximize their savings over the life of their Medicare Supplement policy. With Plan N, you are responsible for the Part B deductible, plus possible copays and excess charges.
Plan G – High Deductible is another good option. This plan gives you the convenience of a low monthly premium, but a higher out of pocket deductible that you have to meet before the Plan kicks in.
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