Best Medicare Supplement Plans (2021)

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What are the “best” Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021? While there are no major Medicare Supplement Plan changes for 2021, today I’m reviewing what the top Medicare Supplement, or Medigap Plans are for the upcoming year.
In summary, Medicare Supplement Plan G is still an excellent choice, just as it has been in years past. This Plan G offers very comprehensive benefits, and you pay nothing out of pocket for medical and hospital services after you’ve met your small Part B deductible.
Plan N is another great choice. Medicare Supplement Plan N is lower is price than Plan G, and tends to get lower rate increases over time so this Medigap Plan can be a great value for someone who is looking to maximize their savings over the life of their Medicare Supplement policy. With Plan N, you are responsible for the Part B deductible, plus possible copays and excess charges.
Plan G – High Deductible is another good option. This plan gives you the convenience of a low monthly premium, but a higher out of pocket deductible that you have to meet before the Plan kicks in.
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  1. This is probably the stupid question of the day, my apologies: Be it medicare supplement or medicare Adv. Plan, I still pay 148.50 / month. BUT, the Adv plan includes part D, vision, dental, hearing – what is the cost for that? Is that the 148.50 PLUS whatever the ADv. Plan charges?

  2. When should I look at my Medicare options if my part B starts December 1,2021? Will the current plans change before that?

  3. This is appreciated, but I'm a person that wears glasses and will need a Dentist and may have some hearing loss in the future. I'm very concerned about these coverage's.

  4. Wow! Your videos are absolutely the best I have ever seen about Medicare – easy to understand, easy to follow, and good, common sense, objective advice. I've heard a lot of incorrect information about Medicare and related topics over the last months. I wish I'd found you sooner. Keep up the great work serving seniors!

  5. I've had to go on disability and found out that I'm what they call a early in September I will have MCR I spoke to a Representative from MCR and they are telling me to stay with original Medicare.but I have no ideal which way to go..I do need a good drug plan as I have Asthma and Copd and I have a inhaler that cost 526 all the drug plus show in the tier for this inhaler cost the same as what I pay worried

  6. I had to retire early because of a stroke. I had worked 50 plus years thinking when i turn 65, i will be getting medicare. Now i find out part A is the only coverage i get for hospital coverage and that even has a deductible. Part B i have to decline because SS will take out of my SS 150 bucks a month and that has a deductible..I cant afford that !! SS is already not enough money per month. So, also being diabetic, i can no longer see a doctor and i dont have coverage for prescription drugs. I am screwed. I will turn 65 in a couple months. I had to collect SS early at 62. I was on connecticare but thats being cancelled because of medicare. This government is screwed up. I paid taxes my whole life and this is how they treat me?? Maybe i should move to Canada.

  7. Is Texas one of the states where medical underwriting is required to switch plan letter and/or provider (outside of the initial open/guaranteed issue period)?

  8. I believe that Plan-G sounds like good coverage. This is akin to a home insurance situation where one can lower his premiums; but raise his deductible risk, by not purchasing flood, hurricane, earthquake, and another ancillary — (in very legal) terms — acts of God. Better to see beyond one's nose of premiums, lest his perineum and pockets are pounded.

    The G plan is almost like a fully insured plan with one hundred percent "flood and hurricane coverage." Expensive as hell, though — excluding the natural Part B premiums.

  9. When you enroll in a Medigap plan during your initial enrollment period, does plan G and plan N start coverage on day one, even if you have pre-existing health conditions? My husband will be turning 65 this year (2021)… Thank you!

  10. I am looking at plan N. I will be 65 next month, so I am in the open enrollment period. My agent in colorado and told me I would have to clear medical underwriting for pla N which I may not be able to. He wants to put me on plan G. I don't believe this true can somebody clarify this for me?

  11. Thank you Stephanie for the wonderfully very clearly explained Medicare and supplemental insurance process as per needs , financial standing and medical
    needs and requirements of the individual. I feel hopeful to get the most suitable plan for me in my situation with your very clear and dependable expertise. I am sure we will be able to set up the appointment with you for a convenient time window for you and us . I am planning to have my daughter Sana and wife Nighat with me for the session. My wife might need your help too . Thanks and regards to you and your husband.

  12. Wow I'm 64 years young and never would of thought that confusion could be so simple to understand….Thank YOOU!

  13. I LOVE original Medicare Parts A & B and my AARP United Healthcare (UHC) medical supplement Plan K. As a Type 1 diabetic (since age 9 years) on insulin, I LOVE that Medicare Part B and AARP UHC pay for insulin, insulin pump supplies, a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) and its supplies. Yes, I have a Part D Rx plan; however, it costs a LOT more to use the Part D Rx plan for insulin than original Medical Part B and AARP UHC, and years ago when I first went on Medicare, I was told to use Part D Rx plan for "all medications" by a SHINE volunteer who had NO CLUE what she was talking about. Yes, I pay about for these 3 policies; however, with insulin at $322 a bottle without any insurance, I'm delighted to pay for coverage. I use a bottle of insulin every 9-10 days. NO ONE should sign up for an Advantage plan. It is a total rip off! I don't have co-pays. I don't pay to see a doctor at the time I visit the doctor's office, I wait until Medicare pays and then wait to see what AARP UHC pays, then I pay my very small percentage by mail, if anything is due at all. I select my own doctors, rarely need a referral and I treat with only the best. I am not handicapped by an Advantage plan's doctor list. I live in a rural area where Gov. "Death Sentence" closed our small health clinic just before Covid-19 hit so I drive more than 30 min. to see a medical doctor in a neighboring town. Also, on Advantage plans, you see a doctor and then you are transferred to a Physicians Assistant (PA). I'm sure they are not all bad; however, I've been disenchanted with ALL the PAs I've seen and TRULY, my diabetic alert dog has more education than a PA (may differ by state). Give me a MD and an ARNP team any day! Thanks for this video and the info on Medicare versus Advantage plans: DO NOT opt into an Advantage plan regardless of price, gym membership or whatever BS is included. You get what you pay for and if you pay -0-, don't expect too much at all. Keep your original Medicare Parts A and B!

  14. Thank you Stephanie for that very clear information,I, wish you happiness to you and your family, I'm seeing you from Chicago.

  15. My wife and I are on plan F. I’m wondering if we went to plan G if we would get similar coverage to plan F but save some on the monthly premiums?

  16. This is the best advice video for medigap plans. It answered most of the important questions I had. I just need the cost of each plan and also to compair providers to choose a plan. Thanks for making it so clear. It would be good if you get more info on the issues or difficulties and details in changing the provider or the plan after a few years.

  17. Underwriters
    Is that the cause for all plans? All company's?
    I didnt apply for secondary insurance
    In 2015 so now none of these companies will take me???

  18. I am a newly licensed Medicare agent myself, my company has discussed F plan no longer being available, but not C

  19. Hello excellent vid. Would be able to give estimate on my approx premium for say Mississippi or Alabama for me enrolling in Medicare b and supplement say N plan. I understand the coverage i need the real numbers or approx of the premium

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