Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2021

Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2021

Learn what the Best Medicare supplement plans for 2021 are and how to not overpay! These plans offer great coverage with low premiums, however it’s very easy to get into trouble.

Well, things are a little different now that plan F is no longer offered to people turning 65. On January first of 2020 Medicare and eliminated this plan for all new people coming onto Medicare part a and part B.

This means if you’re eligible for Medicare prior to January 1 to 2020, then you can still have a plan F. Is this the best choice? We’ll watch the video to find out because it might not be!

Cid over again if your Medicare part B start date was January 1 of 2020 or later then you can even enroll in a plan F. That’s not such a bad thing because you got the great options of Medicare supplement plan G and plan N at your disposal.

People new to Medicare do not have to answer medical questions and can get coverage with no questions asked of any kind. When your fact of date is your Medicare will star right along with your supplements in your guarantee the coverage into any Medicare supplement plan.

Medicare supplement plan G

This is by far the most popular plan now for people age 65 and over in on Medicare. A plan G offers great coverage with only one small yearly deductible.

Medicare part a and B have gaps or expenses that you are responsible for.

With a Medicare supplement plan G after you simply meet one that annual part B deductible, the plan will pick up the difference 100% of what Medicare doesn’t cover.

Be sure to call us now at 1-888-891-0229 so we can give you the rates from all the top companies for Medicare supplement Plan G in your area.

Keep in mind that every insurance carrier has the exact same plan G, yet their premiums vary widely.

This makes imported use an independent agency such as so we can shop the rates now as well as in the future when you get a rate increase, to make sure you’re always paying the least amount possible!

Medicare supplement plan N

Another fantastic choice for seniors age 65 and over who are on Medicare is a Medicare supplement plan N.

This plan offers great coverage just like plan G with a few extra cost-sharing options. The options are expenses that you might incur but in exchanging a much lower premium on plan N than you do on plan G.

This plan is great for people who don’t go to the Dr. often but need some outstanding coverage just in case.

On plan any style of the Part B deductible to pay each year however after that you might have a small co-pay of up to $20.00 for Dr. Visit for the rest of the year.

This copay is not guaranteed to be $20.00 however that is the most it can be. In fact, the company can be lower or there could be no co-pay when you visit the Dr. or specialist. It just depends on what they quoted for.

Not because every situation is different is worth it to allow us to check the rates for both plan G and plan N and match it up to your current situation to see which plan will feature needs better.

Give us a call today at 1-888-891-0229 and get the help you deserve!

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