Best Medicare Supplement Plan (in 2021) 🆕 Beginner’s Guide to Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plan

Today, I will be giving you the top Medicare Plans in 2021 and this is a beginner’s guide for those of you who are new to Medicare.

➡️ If you are retiring or at the age of sixty-five and you come into Medicare, the choices are overwhelming. In this video, I will be telling you the choices I would choose if I was going into Medicare, and to make it simple enough for you to understand what the coverage is.

➡️ I want to give you the best value for the best price for health insurance. So, I will be guiding you through these choices.

💭 Which plan would you choose? Comment below.

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I am Keith Armbrech founder of Medicare on Video and I help people across the country make the right Medicare choices.

➡️ If you are turning sixty-five or retiring and if you are coming into Medicare, then you know that there are a lot of choices. That is why I am here and why I have created this channel.
I want to be able to help you understand what Medicare is and what are the best options to choose. There are so many confusing options that a lot of people struggle to understand.

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✔️Medicare Supplement Plan
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⏱ Video Chapters ⏱

0:00 Intro
1:16 What is a Medicare Supplement
2:01 Gaps in Medicare
4:25 Medicare Supplement Choices
6:10 Medicare Supplement Plan G
7:22 Medicare Supplement Plan N
8:41 When to Choose Plan G
9:32 When to Choose Plan N
10:32 Medicare Supplement Plan GHD

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  1. I needed to find out about Medicare and was beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the info out there. I was receiving mail everyday and knew I needed guidance to make the right choice for me. That is when I found Keith’s videos. Upon request I was contacted immediately by Laurel Chaconas who went over everything with me and took out the red tape and helped me to make my decision. Since then she has been very responsive to my questions or concerns.

  2. just curious. these are the 2021 plans, if your 65 this Nov. should i be more concerned with these plans or the 2022 plans. I realize my window is August to February 2022 but everything i'm hearing is start the first window day. Most believe that due to possible Medicare bureaucracy paper work problems do arise and you'll need unknown time to resolve whatever comes up. curious what you recommend

  3. You didn’t discuss future premium increases. Because Plan G is the plan that takes the place of Plan F guaranteed acceptance, isn’t it more likely that Plan G will have much higher increases in the future (much like Plan F), and you may not be able to switch to Plan N at a later date, if your health doesn’t allow?

  4. Hi there. In your presentation you say that plan G covers part B "excess charges". Is this correct? I believe only plan F covers that item. Thank you.

  5. WHY IS IT SO COMPLICATED? I just want to have everything medically necessary covered at the minimum cost, without going bankrupt with an emergency and I live in Connecticut. Is there an easy answer for that?

  6. One of your agents helped me sign up in August 2019 when I retired and the programs I signed up for have more than paid for themselves. Do I need to update or change anything to stay covered for 2021. I believe I spoke with a lady from Florida

  7. Over time, the premiums for Plan G are likely to rise faster than for Plan N, simply because Plan N requires underwriting … therefore less really sick people in there … therefore lower rate hikes by the insurance companies. Something to consider long-term.

  8. I am confused regarding Medicare supplement plans and plans offered by WellCare and Humana which as I understand both offer dental/vision coverage that take the place of part a & b. Will these plans also fill the gaps?
    Daren in Louisiana

  9. Hi there. 1) What is the different between Secondary insurance and Medicare supplimentry/Medigaap
    2) What is the advantage of person has Secondary insurance and Trasary insurance. Whoever he/she must pay the premium. Can you explain me please. Thank you.

  10. Now that Plan G replaces F as the guarantee issue plan should people expect higher rates increases in G than N because the risk pool contains people without underwriting?
    I switched to N from G and lowered my montly premium by $35. Had to go through medical underwriting but had no disqualfing issues. So far no doctor has billed for a co-pay.
    Strangely, many large practices do not bill until December so I will see. Last year I did not get a bill for my Part B deductible balance until the end of year even though they could have billed in February.

  11. Hi Keith. When do the rates for the coming year (2021) usually come out? Also, I live in NH. NH only had 3 companies that offered GHD's, in 2020, can we expect more companies to offer it in 2021? Thanks! dave

  12. My plan G is 195.00 a month plus the part B of 144.50 per month plus the deductables ,plus the cost of part D drug coverage which is a joke. Not a good deal in my opinion.

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