Athlean-X's Hilariously Terrible Supplements (SCIENCE-BASED REVIEW)

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Athlean-X Supplement Review: In today’s video we’re doing a step by step, no B.S review of Jeff Cavaliere’s supplement line “Athlean RX”. This includes the Athlean RX pre-workout formula “X-Cite”, along with the other products including “X-LR8”, “Reconstruxion” and his new intra-workout supplement “PRX”. Are the Athlean RX supplements worth the money, or is this just another over hyped, over priced line of fitness supplements to avoid? We’ll go over the ingredients and dosages that Jeff Caveliere is using and what the science actually says. Related tags for the algo: athlean-x fake weights, jeff cavaliere fake weights, athlean-x chest, athlean-x cardio, athlean-x abs.


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  2. Can i ask a question. why do supplements have over 100% daily values. like one label showed B12 at 16,000% DV. why do they do that?

  3. I'd be very curious what you think of Jocko Willink's products. Namely Joint Warfare, Go in a can and Molk. I'd really like to know if I'm paying more than I should be and if they are actually beneficial in anyway. Thanks!

  4. I don't know how much you can trust someone who promotes their supplements while simultaneously bashing others.

  5. Monohydrate gives me cramps and explosive diarrhea. Kre Alk is 100% ok on my stomach. Just anecdotal, but it works for me.

  6. I love how this man is honest about the subject expertise. Cause a lot of youtubers think they know how to train for anything with just a small knowledge of the body. For instance training for boxing or Olympic lifting or even cf is so different than just bodybuilding.

  7. A lot more peoples need to shed light on this con artist. Dude have (for some fucking reason) very positive output on YT, and peoples actually listen to him. His a joke, and a scam.

  8. Good video for the most part. But your bcaa claims are just wrong. There have been plenty of research on it. Bcaa's by themselves have diff effects than getting them with your full protein. Especially around a workout. And def especially when in a calorie deficit.

  9. Jeff's pretty much exclusively closeted-homosexual fanbase doesn't care about things like that, all they want is to be his paypigs, just so he keeps flashing his abs for them

  10. Sometimes it's hard to believe shit anybody says including you. if you didn't add your "superior pre-workout" promoting your damn self I honestly would of believed you. Can't trust no one these days and just going to stick to my basics on supplements. I don't know why I'm typing maybe I'm tired of believing peoples crap and falling for it kuz I don't know any better and I don't know what to believe.

  11. Athlean-X is incredibly legit. I run his programs. Got incredibly strong, put on 30 pounds, and healed lower back, shoulder, and elbow issues.

    That being said, I did see a video from Derek about AX’s PRX and he showed it was not efficacious for what it said it could do. So I can’t vouch for the supplement line he has, but his knowledge and programs do work incredibly well.

    Gorilla Mind by Derek is the best supplement line. Derek has over an hour long breakdown of each product lol

  12. Props for basing the video on empirical (and hopefully peer-reviewed) research. Would be nice if you could cite your sources in the description though!

  13. Love Athlean-X but I came here to hear other opinions and I'm glad I did! Thanks for the information

  14. 6:15 "this piece of shi- this interesting supplement…" Lol, tell us how you really feel about it why don't you 🤣 caught me off guard, but obviously deserved, if you're the one saying that

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