1. Vitamin D deficiency deaths…millions…
    Vitamin D toxicity deaths proven…zero…
    Be sure not to take very much vitamin D…you don't want to be the first proven vitamin D toxicity death…
    It's a lot smarter looking at these statistics to make sure you don't take vitamin D supplements. Keep your levels low so we can treat you for vitamin D deficiency instead…
    Sincerely, the mainstream medical establishment.

  2. How are Vitamin D3 supplement made? Are they vegan? Are they mostky defived from ovine sources? Is the Vitamin D made by our body through sunlight exoosure really sufficient? Halibut and cod liver oils contain both Vitamin A and Vitamin D – won’t we overdose on the Vitamin D? Which part of the sheep are Vitamin D supplemebts detived? The liver? What about halal issues? I have more questiojs but please kindly answer thress pressing questions first. Thank you

  3. There won’t be any interactions with drugs – if you stay off them !!!!!! Pharma wants you dependent on them !!!!

  4. NEW STUDY: Vitamin D Saves Lives in critical COVID-19 patients.

    In Spain 76 patients admitted to the hospital with severe cOVID-19 symptoms received standard medical treatment with and without vitamin D.
    50 patients received vitamin D and only 1 (2%) of the 50 was admitted to the ICU. All 50 survived
    26 received NO vitamin D and 13 (50%) Became critical and went to the ICU. Three of the 26 died.

    Basically as research accumulates it is becoming more clear that vitamin D is a lifesaver in COVID19

  5. Can i take ashwagandha 500mg and vitamin d3 5000iu at the same time daily?? My vitamin d3 result is 10.52 insufficiency. Please let me know thank you.

  6. If the sun produces 10,000 to 20,000 international units in a day is that dangerous? For maximum genetic expression vitamin D levels may need to be Closer to what you would get from the sun to get maximum benefit. The following video will explain thoroughly.https://youtu.be/cDnokrtWJNo

  7. According to the last 20 years researches the toxicity of vitamin D is on a much higher level, at around 30000 IU or more, so your "information" is totally misleading and on top of it (in the light of COVID-19) life-threatening especially for people with lower vitamin D level in blood! (e.g. older people, people with darker skin on northern altitudes, etc.)

  8. Thanks indeed for the good information.
    Listening, understanding what you are saying and concentrating needs quietness and so would certainly appreciate if there is no distracting back ground music.
    Thanks again.

  9. The human race has survived for hundreds of thousands of years without taking vitamin d supplements, eat more fish.

  10. Google D3 rodent control or cholecalciferol rat poison. Then google dog and cat D3 toxicity. Don't be duped again by big pharma. Get more sunshine on your body.

  11. @Purdueagriculture no i was talking about vitamin d suplements . not the vitamin itself.. i hear they can cause deposition in your body because the body can not absorb them at all or at very low rate

  12. @TheRogueMonk There is some concern that too much vitamin D or calcium is a bad thing in the diet. If you keep your total vitamin D intake to less than 4000 IU and your total calcium intake to less than 2000 (if older than 50) to 2500 mg calcium (if you’re between 19-50 y old) you won’t have to worry about adverse effects of these essential nutrients.

  13. @TheRogueMonk Both vitamin D and calcium are required by the body to function. Too little vitamin D or calcium in the body will cause your bones to be weak. By following the recommendations (600 IU of vitamin D and 1000-12000 mg Calcium per day for most adults (18-70) you will reap those benefits.

  14. how do you know if vitamin d is good ofr you rbody or even calicum?
    i read that fortified vitamin d is bad also

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