Are Supplements ACTUALLY Safe?! (The Lies You Are Being Told…)

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Head over to for your free trial! Hi everyone, welcome to Abbey’s Kitchen. In today’s video we will be taking a deep dive into the world of supplements. Are they safe, or are you being lied to? This might be a bit shocking…


1) The information in this video is for education and entertainment purposes only, so you should always speak to a health care provider about your unique health needs.

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3) TW: to those with ED tendencies, feel free to skip this video if it’s not supportive to your recovery.

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Contribution by Rachel Levy


  1. Coul you do a video about amino acids? I couldn't find one from you! Are they similar, or the same as other suppliment? My mom got this amino acid powder that has a 100 mg of caffeine per serving! It's called "Amino energy"

  2. Very interesting video!! I don't quite understand how someone who intensely questions, researches, and exposes supplements/ ingredients and other things, is ok with the c0v!d v@x. Would love to hear your thoughts on this and maybe do a 30 minute video explaining your thoughts. Would be interesting! If there is a blog / video you have already made or recommend, would love to know!

  3. Probably too late – but I’d love to see a bunch of fitness food/supplements brands tested/reviewed/talked about (maybe proven if they’re BS)! Brands as examples, Women’s Best, Ghost, Optimum Nutrition, Blessed protein, MyProtein, PEScience, EHPLabs, Alani Nu, etc

  4. I feel so much more comfortable taking USP Verified vitamins – I use Ritual multivitamins and take one of the only probiotics verified by USP!

  5. This is so unbelievable!! How can I ever explain to the world that Dr ALUDA on youtube cured my herpes virus . I feel so happy and excited today..

  6. hey abby, I really appreciate this video, but I was concerned about the way you kind of shouted "autism" like it's scary. Just some feedback!

  7. The problem with speaking to my doctor before taking a supplement is that I have to make an appointment, pay $40 for said appointment, take time off work, and spend an hour of my day to say “hey is it cool if I take this”. Like do people actually do that?

  8. Can you talk about Herbalife's FORMULA 2 MULTIVITAMIN COMPLEX? I recently started taking it and noticed my pee right after is VERY yellow and I drink a lot of water.

  9. Hey Abby! I don't know if you live on the west coast or east coast of Canada but there was a "supplement" that was EXTREMELY popular. I used to work in a health food store and we would sell cases of the stuff. It was called U-Dream. If you haven't heard of it you should look it up! It turned out that it had a very small amount of a sleeping drug in it (I think similar to zopiclone) and people were becoming addicted to it. They always said "this is the only thing that helps me sleep and I've tried everything!" None of the cashiers trusted it. It ended up being taken off the market because enough people complained of adverse side effects I think. Then they found that it was laced with something a little more heavy hitting! You should look it up! Very interesting.

  10. I have had such a hard time talking to my doctors about vitamins and supplements. I have thyroid disease, spinal cord disease, PCOS, GERD with a hiatal hernia, and Leukemia, and all five specialists and my primary care physician all have different opinions, and recommend different things, or to not take what the other doctors told me to take. The GI made me go off all my vitamins and supplements for three months (he said there is no proof that any vitamins or supplements actually do anyone any good and they were probably the cause of all my GI health issues – spoiler alert, they weren't). Now my primary care physician has put me on B12 injections, my endocrinologist has put me on iodine supplements, and my neurologist has put me on double doses of vitamin D due to deficiencies. I've been told my iron is low, and to take iron supplements by my endocrinologist and gynecologist, both women, but I have been told that iron is very dangerous and I shouldn't take any by my primary care physician and GI, both men.

    Obviously you should still ask your doctor before starting things, but it is very frustrating because doctors don't usually know any more about supplements than the general public, and can be very dismissive of this type of question, or use it as an opportunity to invalidate other doctors on your care team, or can be very judgemental of their patients who may look outside of pharmaceuticals, or even downright rude. And oftentimes, when they ask you what you are taking, they don't want the specifics, they just write down "supplements." I wish more doctors spent time staying up to date on supplements, because some have really helped my quality of life, but I worry about the safety of a lot of them.

  11. I'd like a run down on Vitamin d supplements, and multivitamin supplements too, i watched a documentary stated that the combination of certain vitamins and minerals can affect their absorption and hence the supplement is pretty useless but i don't know wich ones to avoid 🤷, as always thank you for the amazing content i learn so much from you 💞

  12. This is less of a brand and more of a specific supplement: Alani Nu has a "Balance" product that is supposed to support hormones. They've emphasized it's ok to take it with birth control, but I'm wondering if an unregulated hormone supplement has any nasty side effects on one's liver!

  13. I’m an engineer in the pharmaceutical industry and it TERRIFIES me how the FDA has control in supplement indistry

  14. Oh my gosh- B12! I stopped taking it because it makes me feel really jittery. I thought I was super sensitive, now I know it’s because I was taking waaaay too much.

  15. There are websites that grade supplements and you can find out if they're third party tested. Don't blindly buy anything

  16. Happy Healthy Hippie is the only brand I take. I love them but I’m gonna dig a little bit and see if they live up to these standards

  17. Labdoor's tests are pretty comprehensive, but I'd take their actual letter grade rankings with a grain of salt. I'm especially not a fan of how heavily they weight the inclusion of artificial food dyes for determining their rankings – same brand, same vitamin, the pill form was a B+ and the gummy was an F, but when I looked at the full report, the only substantial difference was the inclusion of the dyes and a sweetener. The dosage, purity, and projected efficacy were comparable.

    I'm actually in favor of replacing most or all of the current synthetic dyes with alternatives where possible, or at least for doing some more rigorous long-term safety studies on the ones we still use. But if you eat basically any processed or packaged food, you're already getting these dyes in enough quantity that I don't think the marginal harm from eating a gummy instead of choking down a dry pill (if I remember correctly, something like 25% to 30% of people have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, and most supplement pills are not small) is remotely enough to justify that dramatic difference in grade.

  18. Apparently CVS now only sells supplements that have been 3rd-party tested for active ingredients and contamination. This is limited to a list of specific contaminants that are not allowed and the accuracy of the "supplement facts" label (*not* the "other ingredients" section). They also require their suppliers "to manufacture products in facilities that are registered with the FDA" using "good manufacturing practices." It doesn't address the overall efficacy issue, or the risks of interactions, but it sounds like it's meant to ensure that you at least have an idea of what you're buying.

    Just wanted to share because I personally found it pretty reassuring to learn, and I hope maybe it'll be helpful for someone else too 🙂

    Here are my sources if any of y'all want to look into it more:

    "CVS Will Only Sell Supplements That Have Been Third-Party Tested for Safety"

  19. I know she has taken a break from YouTube but a review of the Halo supplements by Tati would be great! I bought the Kiwi ones a while ago and they’re just sitting in my cupboard after I heard about US regulations (I’m from the UK)

  20. Firstly thank you so much for this video Abbey! I'm aware that supplements can be very sketchy and tricky to navigate. I was happy to see when I checked on labdoor that the ones I am taking are good quality :). Please do more videos on supplements, I'd love to hear and many people need this info!

  21. I bring in any new supplement along with all my meds. Most clinics required patients to bring in all meds and supplements at the time of their appointment.

  22. Abbey i have a question i am taking a 2500mg of b12 suplement once a week this was prescribed by my nutritionist but you said this excess will go out of our bodies

  23. One of my best friends worked at a lab that would test supplements. Scarily, what would happen OFTEN is that a product wouldn't pass whatever test the company sent them to prove that the product is what it says it is – and sometimes the tests the company told them to use were complete garbage according to my friends chemistry knowledge. But even when the products didn't pass the garbage tests they were basically ordered by the higher-ups to just pass the product anyway. 😬😬😬 It was super sketchy and my friend switched jobs because she didn't feel comfortable with it

  24. B12 has really poor absorption from pills and this is the reason for the really high doses, isn't it? At least this is what I had a deficiency and researched how best to supplement.

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