1. The piano melody chords are so familiar. Are they sampled ? Can anyone out there tell me where I may have heard the melody before ?

  2. Heard this tonight as a backdrop to match of the days montage of 2021 / 22, fantastic track, I’m Gonna explore deeper with this band…

  3. This entire album is a gift of a reminder of why I fell in love with them 15 years ago

  4. Love this song, the transition at the ~3 min mark is quality. Really hope to see Arcade Fire tour Australia. Please.

  5. I really like that almost soulR&B-ish direction that the song goes in at 1:02 (Afghan Whigs anyone?), and I kind of wish they explored it a bit more. There could have been some bluesy or even brass-tinged vibes to contrast the main direction of the song. The opening piano reminds me a little of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill", while the way the rhythm pulses and pushes the song forward is reminiscent of Cocteau Twins' "Fifty-Fifty Clown". But Arcade Fire being the Arcade Fire surely make it their own, with all these really interesting modern and retro vibes, blending into one. I can hear the echos of Coldplay, but can also hear the echos of U2's "All that You Can't Leave Behind" era, and some of the retro-synth passages that wouldn't be out of place on a Comsat Angels or even a Bronski Beat album. But, Win is right. Pills and TV surely don't work :). Loving those lyrics.

  6. This album has hit me exactly where I'm living right now, every song hurts so good, best album in a decade

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