1. This is going to sounds odd … But when I'm feeling anxiety, I feel as if I'm "alive" because when it goes away, I feel numb, not "activates" me. The heart pumping, the lack of air, dizziness, the heat, headaches. Then it all just ends ….

  2. What an informative video! I never knew that trouble swallowing was a symptom of anxiety. I get that "lump in your throat" sensation after swallowing all the time. In fact, it happened once when I was taking a vitamin and I spent the rest of the day having a panic attack, absolutely convinced that I had accidentally aspirated a pill into my lungs, lol.

  3. I have been for years looking for a therapist in my country, for years! and no one ever explained to me o realized the syntomes I have are related to my anxiety disorder. I feel so much frustration because I cannot find proper help in my country and it feels like every day my syntomes get worse.

  4. A huge symptom for me is nausea. I get very nauseated when I’m anxious. Along with pressure, palpitations, and shortness of breath. Oh and shaking/ jitters

  5. I wish I saw this sooner! I have a ton of physical anxiety symptoms and have been struggling for months to explain to my psychiatrist how my anxiety acts. Thank you for the amazing video Dr.Marks!

  6. I honestly don't "experience" any pleasant thoughts. Not any I can remember. The pain in the middle of my eyes/forehead, I can't swallow when I try to eat, I barely feel confident to drive. The only reason I know it's anxiety is because I've been to the hospital thinking I was having heart attacks on more than one very embarrassing occasion. It's taken over everything, my career, relationships, parenting…. I've lost the "importance" of my only "position" in life as a mother. My husband doesn't trust my opinions or even consult me on things anymore with our children. It's devastating.

  7. After being scooped up by DCF and ending up in several foster care abusive situation, I developed a lack up trust for the world around , I’ll never be able to rid myself of the fear of the worse unexpected to come upon me. I always sleep with one eye open since i was 9 years old and being taken away from my parents and my 5 siblings. I’m always ready for the unexpected to happen got shocked too many times as a child. I’ve had decades of therapy and nothing can remove the trauma and PTSD that me and my siblings suffered, there’s no cure.

  8. Lately, the left side of my face goes numb and my left shoulder goes numb. It happens randomly and lasts a few hours during non stressful moments. My doctor keeps saying it is anxiety but it is confusing to me and hard to believe because it is only the left side each time, it happens during non stressful times, I did not get stressed out easily, I felt like I was having a heart attack twice within the past 5 months. I am also not tired/fatigue except not a lot of sleep at times

  9. Dear Dr. Tracey, can you do a video about phobias! I have a phobia of heights/planes I developed in adulthood out of no where! Help!

  10. I get a lot of the symptoms mentioned in the video. One weird anxiety symptom I get that was not mentioned is a runny nose.

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