Anxiety Hurts

Everybody knows what anxiety feels like – it’s annoying and counterproductive and apparently useless, so why does it exist? It turns out your anxiety isn’t useless at all – it’s a result of the sympathetic nervous system (in charge of the fight or flight response), which lets you respond immediately to threats and can also help you meet that looming deadline. But you don’t want your SNS running the whole show – chronic anxiety not only feels crappy, it damages your cells, alters your brain chemistry, and can exacerbate a wide range of health problems. Hank has the whole story in this episode of SciShow.

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  1. My worst anxiety attack happened while I was having an endometriosis flare up at home after a day of study. I actually began to hear voices, it was terrifying, then I had a seizure and ended up in hospital. The hallucinations and seizures lasted a year. More of a stress induced psychotic episode I suppose, but with time I've fully recovered and I know both the triggers and the things I need to do when my mind and body need a break. The most important thing I've learned is my limits. It doesn't mean I can't do more, it just means I need to tend to myself before I push my limit further.

  2. Yeah, I like how this was suggested to me after having really bad anxiety for a month straight. I freaking lost 8 lbs. and became lactose intolerant kindA WISH YOU WERE SUGGESTED TO ME A MONTH AGO….

  3. ah, so I suppose that the bright side of feeling terrible from anxiety is that I can get out of here faster….. :L

  4. When I went on spring break recently I decided to just completely forget about school for a while. After coming back and remembering how many missing assignments I had, I got very stressed. Then I realized, wait this is how I felt before spring break. So yeah I just realized that my entire schoolyard I have been chronically stressed. So yeah.

  5. Ok, Anybody with anxiety watching this video will probably get more anxious. Why, because its the language used. Talking therapy helps people with anxiety, why, because its the language used. massive evidence on the aetiology of anxiety is, guess what, passed down from our social environment when we were children, usually mum and dad. Anyway, if mum/dad is anxious, has a phobia/ GAD etc you are more likely to get it. Why, because of what you pick up in her/his language. all this gives us a clue to where anxiety originally came from – Language and Culture. We have about 36 different words for anxiety related terms. Anxiety/fear is not genetic. (but some of us are pre-disposed to the experience of fear/anxiety, admittedly), but THREAT is. there is a big difference between threat and fear /anxiety. But a lot of people, including experts get them mixed up. The non-conscious amygdala (fight/flight/freeze) is not the 'fear centre of the brain'. This is a misnomer. the amygdala is a non-conscious survival threat receiver and responder. it is the hypothalamus (that the amygdala sends signals to) that transforms threat into conscious fear/anxiety. We learn to be afraid and anxious through language and culture. When you cross the road and the amygdala senses threat you instantly step back before you know it. The amygdala senses threat and takes action before YOU know it. (weird but true). its only shortly afterwards that you feel the fear, your heart races and you get sweaty, why, because by that time the signal has reached the hypothalamus and bingo, it has become conscious. If its big enough, especially when we are kids, it can cause a phobia of cars/roads etc, Mum shouting at you for stepping out into the road doesn't help. Its dangerous sweetheart, its bad, you will get yourself hurt or even killed. don't go there, be careful, look both ways, don't go near the traffic, watch that car , honey its nasty., Mummy will get mad. These swords stick and we become 'fear conditioned' In summary this vid is wrong. See Joseph Ledoux – the amygdala master.

  6. Aaand now I'm anxious about being anxious. Thanks, it's not like I was planning on sleeping or anything like that, I have all night to sit here and panic.

  7. I once had an anxiety attack that prevented me eating for 3 days. Doesn't seem like a great evolutionary advantage…

  8. Anxiety causes bladder leakage too doesn’t it, because when I get anxious I pee the bed sometimes

  9. for those saying that this guy has made your anxiety worse he is trying to let you know the truth of what it does to your body so you can combat it and yes i suffer from minor anxiety and excersising does help me to relieve it tempiory but even though thiers still things that i fear every day

  10. I had my first panic attack when I was 16. It was between sophomore and junior year of high school and I had recently moved out of my childhood home. I woke up at three in the morning to use the restroom and started hallucinating. I dont remember all of what happened but I was told that I was trying to protect myself from things that weren't there and claiming that "they were out to get me" I scared my parents so bad that they thought I was possessed. To this day I still suffer with chronic anxiety and a panic disorder. This has caused me to become scared of eating, sleeping and doing anything my family doesnt like. (Very religious people and I am in a lesbian relationship. They dont like that) I have messed up my health so bad that I get dizzy when I stand up for too long, my blood sugar drops drastically because I dont eat and I'm always insanely tired. I get stressed to the point where I get physically sick and it's no fun. I try to control my anxiety with medication and other methods of keeping calm but recently life has been hellish. I've been constantly sick and my blood sugar has stayed low enough consistently that I have reactive hypoglycemia. Anyway. Enough of me ranting. Thank you for posting these videos. Watching this channel actually helps me with an anxiety attack when I am having one.

  11. This kind of thing won’t effect you severely unless you have an actual anxiety disorder. If you feel like you’re experiencing more anxiety than normal on a regular basis, talk to your doctor. There’s no shame in needing help.

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